Monday, November 14, 2011


I am looking at my calendar this week and I actually have 'time'... thus meaning I have a moment to blog about the craziness around here. Since my last blog I had a photo shoot and 5 cakes on the calendar. I still need to edit the photos, so I think I will be doing that with my extra time this week.

Friday was a day off as it was Remembrance Day, and I was out with Ariel at the parade and ceremony at the park as she was marching with her Spark troop. It was pouring when we woke up and yet the moment we stepped outside it stopped! Made the morning far more enjoyable. Ariel did well and her leaders said that all the girls stood so well for the long ceremony. I am sure it was nice to be up close to see everything as usually we are further back.

Following the cookies and hot chocolate, we went back to the cenotaph to leave our poppies. Ariel left hers on the wreath representing her elementary school.

Got a picture of her with the Girl Guide wreath.

Thank you!

Saturday was Papa's celebration of life in the afternoon. It was well attended and the even really captured Papa I think. Little touches of cow print and a older hall that really felt like something he would have liked. It was nice to see family and friends that I haven't seen in years, and have never met our kids. It was hard at times for the kids but they did well, and Ken was great helping to keep them entertained.

Love ya Papa...

Then Sunday was a full day at church. First off we started the 'Christmas program' activity. Filming kids, starting the music, assigning readings etc. I am thankful for my amazing team and those who agreed to help fill in areas at the last minute when I was panicking about not having a musician to accompany the kids, lol, kinda important. Looking forward to seeing things come together, so yay.

Following the service was setting up for a baby shower! It was fun doing a little boy shower with a clothes line theme (as she is doing cloth diapers, woot!).

The party was well attended and everyone had a good time and ate well, yummy food!

Ken is very excited about the new Muppet movie coming out soon and has already booked a date for us all to go see it, haha. What can I say, Kermit is a big deal in our home, hee.

We also got our family pictures back and I am so happy with them. This by far is my fav thou, and is the one I am getting as a large print. Beautiful, love love love it!

Ok, Ken is home from his meeting, have a great week everyone!


Tera said...

So sorry to hear about your Papa. The picture of baby Ariel with your Nana and Papa is wonderful. It is so hard to let them go but I am sure he was happy to see Nana after 2.5 years and even longer to see your mom. Praying for comfort for you and your family.

kelly ens said...

busy weekend indeed; also sorry about your Papa :(

Marianne said...

Sorry about your Papa. I really thought that the sleepers along the "line" was very cute. I actually think that'd work very well for a christmas shower. You could stuff the sleepers with goodies (body wash, wipes, socks, etc).

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