Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Program

We had our Christmas Concert at church, and I am happy to say it went off without a hitch, haha, a tad stressful in rehearsal but hey they say that means a good performance right?

I was in such 'director' mode that I forgot my camera, doh, but Ken thankfully had the flip camera to film. He taped the whole production into one movie and I couldn't find our proper shrinking program to get the size of the file down properly so its really bad quality, but once Ken goes back to work we can get it fixed, haha. Oh well.

That morning I finally got to see the dance Kara and the girls did for the first time and I was such a proud Mommy. I picked one of my favorite songs growing up, one I thought might hit a chord with those in the audience too. So enjoy....

I can't describe the feeling in our church following the performance. It was like a joy that hasn't been around in ages. So many have been hurting in this time of transition but sometimes it just takes a child to really focus one back to the true meaning of the season... and to what is important in general. I am so thankful for the team of people who helped out and said YES when I asked. It meant so much to me and I am proud of the kids for stepping up and doing such an amazing job.

One of my own personal moments was during the rehearsal and the kids were practicing the singing and Xander who was with Ken watching yelled 'I SING' and ran up and stood proudly beside Ariel, hugging her. He didn't know the words but he wanted to be there too, and I look forward to the day he is!

Lord, thank you for our children, thank you for our friends who are really part of our family... thank you for the little moments that make this world so wonderful... and I pray for our church to move forward... its time.

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