Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more week!

Wow, one more week and Ariel's off school and Ken is off work for 2 weeks of vacation bliss. Its been really, REALLY crazy here. I have been doing orders left and right, finishing photo editing for people to have their photos for Christmas gifts and some last minute poster designing for Christmas tourism book I did (which I got a copy of last week, eek!) I have been falling into bed dead tired nightly.

How bad is it when my Dad asks, when are you going to up date your blog? Hmmm, I guess its been too long. Too busy, too blah! Meh! Ok, what has happened lately? Besides work, the kids have been enjoying the Christmas fun. Xander got to experience his first chocolate advent calendar, 2 thumbs up... and a slight annoyance that he hasn't figured out that he only gets one a day. Haha.

We all enjoyed the local tree lighting ceremony, which included the tree being lit on the first try this year, haha. Ariel sat with a friend from school, which is one of those fun things about having kids in school, hanging in the community with new pals.

Ariel's school had a Santa Breakfast event one morning and it was early enough for Daddy to join us before going to work, and Grandpa came along too. Yummy pancakes and and seeing Santa... who Ariel informed me isn't the real Santa... because he is at the mall. Haha.

Some Christmas art from school.

We also experienced watching our daughter in her first Christmas concert at school. Something I was praying would happen. If you are local you know how there is a 'job action' with teachers and so the fact our school was one of the few that actually went ahead with it, well, it really meant a lot. Ariel was so so SO excited. She was giddy and her little friends were oh so cute.

Since I attended the dress rehearsal I knew where we should sit to see her well and we could even her her sing that night! Daddy was pretty proud, as was Mommy. A clip from the big finale with all the kids.
The concert was a Pirates Christmas, which was incredibly cute! The Kindergarten classes sang traditional songs that they tied into the story. Ariel's class did Jingle Bells, complete with bells.

We still have our church concert next weekend, and since I am helping organize it I hope it comes together, ack!

Our car turned into a reindeer. Much to Ariel's insistence, haha. Last year were really got a kick out of them and then this year when they started to apprear all over town Ariel started asking. We saw the kits at the grocery store and I passed on it since we were in a rush and they didn't have a price listed. I went back to get eggs the next day and checked and got a pair as they were under $10. That day when I picked her up from school, well, needless to say she was thrilled and screeched when seeing them.

This past week was viewing sessions at Ariel's dance studio. It was fun to see Ariel's jazz class, since that was new for us this year. Got a small snippet of what they are preparing for the recital in June. A few days later I got to take in the ballet class and of course she is just in heaven. Don't they look cute in their blue outfits, hee.

Here is a little peak at the dance stuff they shared in both classes.

After ballet class we walked to the cookie store with friend Sarah and her mom like we always do. We walked by the Thrift store and saw a toddler car bed sitting outside. Upon further inspection its in pretty good condition, and only $12! I decided to go for it, and our wonderful friends with us used their van to drive it back to our place. Xander was asleep at the time and so I took down the crib/toddler bed and put the car bed in his room. We had to move the bookshelf and took the rocking chair to our room to make it work, but it looks super cute!

Ariel was so excited for Xander to see it and they tried it out together. Hoping this helps with him staying in his own bed better. So far so good!

This coming week I need to do our Christmas cards, sew our pjs and start wrapping stuff up. All fun stuff but the hours are fleeting it seems. Looking forward to some family time... ahhh.

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