Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello Vacation!!!

Um... well maybe for the rest of them, I still have orders over the next 2 weeks... so much for time off, haha. I couldn't turn them down, really fun cake designs and good money for them. I just finished a Gucci purse tonight, will take some pictures of it tomorrow but I am really happy with it, looks like a purse, and who doesn't love a pretty bag... especially when its cake.

Ariel had a fun day at school, and was really sad when she came home. She was in a real funk because it would be 2 weeks until she could go back. So we did our toes tonight with Muppet nail polish, Ariel chose 'Wocka Wocka'. She was wanting to cuddle, and I loved it.

Before school Ariel got a special gift from one of the boys in her class. His mom had talked to me prior saying her son was making her a gift. He had picked out pink polar fleece and made her a scarf. It was so cute and she loved it. I wasn't sure what was cuter, seeing his little face light up when she liked it or his brother giggling that he was giving a gift to a girl. Ariel told me he is just a friend... I think I told my mom the same thing about Ken... haha, ack! Far too soon for boys to come calling, but he is a sweetie so I will let it slide. Haha.

Ariel and I made treats for her classmates last night, using our handy dandy chocolate mold. They turned out super cute and look like we did a lot of work, nope! She loved getting to hand them out at the end of the day, big grin on her face.

Last Sunday afternoon Ariel and I went and took part at the charity pageant. We had adopted 2 families to do food and toy hampers for so it was great for the girls to have fun and give back. They had a photographer on site for the event and Ariel got a few shots done that we can use for other pageants. We always have so much fun meeting new girls and the holiday theme was fun and festive.

Ariel got Best Dressed and a mini princess. She loved watching some of the girls do dances for the talent part, so she is busy practicing so she can do a dance at the next one. She never fails to amaze me.

This week I have been busy getting things together for the kids church program. I am ready for it to be over, haha, lots of stress and trying not to forget anything and getting people organized. I really felt called to do this, stressful and all, because I felt it was critical in our church's healing process. Just because we are in transition doesn't mean we let things go. I really hope it brings joy to everyone one, I think its going to be great... once it comes together, haha.

The past few nights and Xander transitioning to his new bed have been pretty good. A few nights he slept solid till morning, sometimes up early and coming to snuggle with us until morning and one night when he was up every 20 minutes with night terrors. Ugh. All in all, he loves his bed, talks about it to people and spends time in it during the day reading.

Speaking of Xander, the little man is really catching on to colors, numbers etc. This video is from a few weeks ago, finally got around to uploading it, but it gives you a taste of his budding skills. I just love him to pieces... my little man!

Ok, time to get to bed... look for some fun updates during the break with our family fun time! Yay!

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