Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bring on the Crazy!

So the big second week after school starting was the beginning of activities for the kids. I shared Xander started gymnastics again but Ariel had to wait till the end of the week till her stuff started again. She is dancing in 5 classes, and we started back with ballet. She is now in Grade 1 ballet, and that meant a new uniform for class. She is now in the navy blue with no skirt, and boy does that make them look older!

We just got her character skirt this week so I will post a photo with that next week. She is very excited to use the special shoes in class, haha. Ariel is really enjoying the lyrical class so far, and the production jazz class is going to be amazing!!! What can I say, if its dance, its great!

We had our first Brownie troop meeting. Meet Brown owl... aka me. Yep, I took on a pile of crazy, but its all good. Still finding my footing with everything, but just trying to sort out our numbers at this point. Trying to get all the girls on the waitlist in. So many things to understand paperwork wise... makes my head spin a bit.

This year the kids are able to take AWANAS, something that I always thought would be great if it every worked for us, finally this year it did! Ariel is a Spark and Xander a Cubby, both earned their vests the following week working hard at learning their verses. Ariel is great at memorizing stuff, but this was a first for Xander to really see him work at something. Oh he wanted that vest so badly. When I came to pick him up I watched him glow with pride when his name was called for learning 4 verses and getting that vest and program book, and cute bag to boot! I wish I could have captured that smile, this was so awesome for him. This quick and silly photo coming home sums up his glee.

Happy Spark! Ariel has been working hard this week and is up to 9 verses memorized... a sponge I tell ya! I remember when my brain was that good, haha.

Ariel's school had its open house and meet the teacher night. We got to see her new classroom and meet her lovely teacher. She is settling in well and we will see how things go.

What else to say... um, oh, we have Halloween costumes picked, Mommy has to start sewing soon. Ariel is working hard for her upcoming pageant, lots of practicing and Xander is her faithful audience... and harsh judge too I might add. She has a new routine for Broadway doll that is amazing. Grandpa is building her prop, costume is done, she got her photos done, so we moving in the right direction.

Ok, its time to call it a day. I delivered 2 wedding cakes today, so that was someone exhausting. Sleep now....zzzz

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