Sunday, September 08, 2013

Xander's 4th Birthday

We FINALLY had Xander's party with his friends this past weekend. It was a simple party, Xander just wanted kids to come over and play in his room, have cake, read his birthday book and have a good time. The boy has had in his head that he was having an Angry Bird party for over a year. In fact I think after his last birthday he announced it, well he got it and it was perfect for him.

Eagerly awaiting his guests to arrive!

The Angry Bird cake, this was fun to make. Xander watched me the WHOLE time I made it. He even drew a picture of what he wanted it to look like. Haha. 

This photo makes me realize how much he has grown up this summer. Wow, seems so big here!

We read his new book we wrote for him called 'Xander Man' - as he is into superheros these days. Then we watched his photo video... he picked out Beatles music for it. He sang along while the video played, super cute!

Our present to him was a second hand bike, its perfect and just a tad big so he will be able to grow well into it. He also got some Angry Bird stuff, books and money.

Our guests left and Dad and Rita stuck around for dinner with us, so we made up an Angry Bird pizza. Well that rocked his world! I saw it on pinterest and it was so easy but his face was priceless. 

Happy Birthday little man, I can't believe how fast you are growing up. Slow down a bit... for Mommy. Hehe.

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kelly ens said...

awesome!!! Happy 4th birthday to Xander!

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