Monday, September 09, 2013

New School Year!

So as of today, both kids are now back at school! We survived, woot! As the rest of this week rolls out so do the start of activities and such, so once that happens we will be groovin'. Yes I really just said that. Haha.

Last week we saw our princess start grade 2! It was a slow week as we didn't get her class and teacher assigned until Thursday morning. Nothing funnier than watching parents stand around outside because they know its FINALLY happening and peaking in windows to see who the kids got. Ariel was going to be in either a 1/2 split or a 2/3. Of course there were pros and cons to both options and when it finally was announced she was in the 1/2. The good things, the class teacher is wonderful, I hear only fantastic things about her. Ariel REALLY wanted her as her teacher last year, so its nice she gets to have her. The hard side of things, she is a small group of her peers again. She was 1 of 8 last year with 11 kindergarten students in the K/1 split, and this year she is 1 of 9 grade 2s with 15 grade 1s. So another year with a small peer group, and she really misses being with a lot of those kids as the other group is primarily a grade 2 class with a few grade 3s. With a small school we totally knew these are things we would deal with, and we totally understand, but its hard to get picked 2 years solid to be in the smaller group.

Ariel is a great kid who generally thrives with whatever situation she is given, however the first few days she was a tad sad, and it was totally transition. She was frustrated with the noise when trying to work, and I kept assuring her the younger ones would settle soon. This week seems to be better and I am sure as things go on it will be a wonderful experience for her. She is such a leader and younger kids just love her. I had parents tonight from the new kindergarten groups telling me how their kids talked about her and the impression she left on them, makes me a proud momma.

She is looking so grown up these days, and that first adult front tooth is finally coming in so her looks are going to change so much this year.

Dance starts this week, so expect photos next time as we start those up, yay!

Xander started today his last year of preschool. He had one new teacher in his class as one of his teachers last year isn't working full time this year. He handled it beautifully and I know her as a fellow dance mom from our studio. Small world!

This year was so different for Xander, he walked into class and didn't look back. No tears, stress and he was ready. Amazing how much they grow in a few months. I will admit he was a bit bummed not to be at Ariel's school this year.... one more year, soon... which I do look forward to just for drop off sake and not having to rush to another place within minutes. He had a great class and was excited about show and tell starting soon. I am so proud of my little man.

Today was also Xander's first day back at gymnastics and boy did he have a great time. Colin is in his class again and they are having lots of fun. He loved his new shirt they gave him... can you tell?

We are thankful for our children's amazing teachers and feel blessed they get to be in wonderful schools. As parents we are praying for a good year for both of them.

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kelly ens said...

awesome - sounds/looks like a great start to another great year! :)

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