Friday, September 23, 2005

Twas a fast week!

I can't believe its friday already. Geeze, where does the time go. Anyhoo, I pretty much completed the massive house clean!!! WOOT! oh and it looks good. I can't wait until Ken can see all the work I did. Only a few more days till he is home. I can't wait, I hate going to bed without him. I have been hugging his pillow all week, as a way of making it feel like there is someone there. LOL - Ken said I could dress it up in his clothes but that is just creepy. Heheh

Ken is having a great time in Ottawa. Him and Meeka are seeing all these cool animated films. Sigh, I wish I was there too. I'm holding down the fort though. We got notice that Ken's citizenship ceremony is happening on October 4th. YAY, how exciting that we hear that news when he is visiting the Capital, thats just funny!

I said on my deviant page I was planning a online web cartoon called 'Love Muffins' but the comics that have been drawn may not be posted. I have had a new idea and I think in a bit I can get it together pretty soon, its just a new direction. Here is a sample of the muffins, one especially for Ken and his becoming a canadian!

Well, I am going to veg out tonight. I'm so tired after all the cleaning. Gack!

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