Thursday, September 29, 2005

Failing isn't fun...

Argh.....needless to say I thought I was pretty good at tests but for some wacky reason I haven't yet passed a pregnacy test. Better luck next time I guess, argh.

Ken is home and still feeling the jet lag, in fact we both went to bed at 9pm last night. He was asleep in minutes while I lay awake with a bad headache. I'm feeling better this morning....maybe I'll do some baking today.

This saturday is the Bruce Kuhn performance, should be fun. He will be doing the whole book of Luke, wow. Got a small taste a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. I miss going to the theater, its always fun.

So next weekend is Thanksgiving and Ken and I will be heading to Victoria. WOOT. Staying at our favorite hotel on the water, gorgous. Ken also made reservations at Chandlers, the best seafood resturant in our opinion. AMAZING! Our trip is also in celebration of Ken's upcoming Citizenship ceremony next week. YAY. At least Ken can pass his tests, prehapes I can pass mine next time.

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