Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Married to a Canadian!

Well, its finally offical! My darling husband Ken is now a Canadian! WOOT! He has still kept his American citizenship as well, so he hasn't given anything up, just added to it. The ceremony was very touching. 94 people from 29 different countries, joined him saying the oath and became citizens. The emphasis was on the idea of joining a family, Canada is your home, your new adventure in life. It doesn't erase the past, but adds to your future.

I shed a few tears during the singing of O' Canada. Its hard for me to believe that this part of our life is finished. Ever since we were engaged to be married, the immagration factor has always been a factor. We went through the process of Ken becoming a Landed Immigrant, or fake Canadian as we called him. Last Novemeber we started the process of citizenship and its over in less than a year. Very cool!

After the ceremony we had lunch at White Spot, where Ken had a BC burger, lol. We went to Ten Thousand Villages and spend most of our gift certificate. Got some neat treasures! Came home and had some yummy leftovers and watched some good reality TV. I fell asleep on the couch and Ken had to wake me up. It was a long day, but it has been one of the best!

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