Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Home Again

Well, we got home at 930pm last night, tired but happy. Our little two day get-away was wonderful, in spite of the brief rain in day 2.

Started monday off with breakfast in bed and watching some made for tv movie about Annette Funicello, hehe. We checked out of the hotel at 1030am and went for a drive along the coast. The houses along there are so cute and whimsical. Its fun to point out different ones and say "lets live there!" The rain was coming down pretty hard at that time so it was difficult to go out and take pictures of the water. Oh well, next time.

At noon we arrived at the Empress Hotel for tea! Its such an amazing experience, the people, the food and the setting make it so special. Its so funny we always end up at our same table too. We laugh about it how our pictures are always so simlar because of our placement. The warm tea was good on such a cold afternoon.

Once tea was finished we drove to Butchart Gardens. WOW. It was simply amazing! Around every turn was a more amazing sight. I think we took over a hundred pictures, it was fun to really try out the new camera in such an awesome setting. The rain finally stopped around 2pm and the sun came down and really warmed us and brought the fragrance of the flowers out. I think the flowers were more stunning after the rain so we really got a treat. We hit the gift shop and got a spoon for my collection and a present for Ken's mom for either her birthday or christmas, haven't decided yet.

We then drove around some more, checked out some of the small towns, took some more pictures and then made our way to the ferries. We arrived early enough to score some kettle corn at the terminal and saw the huge pot they make it in, sweet! Found a present for Nana and Papa and then got on the boat, which was PACKED.

We had dinner at the Buffet and got our fill of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, salmon and mussels. Poor Ken at this point was really feeling sick and so stuffed up. He ended up being up most of the night and stayed home from work today. Hope he feels better soon, Nana is making him some chicken soup for dinner tonight.

So I give this trip a big thumbs up for fun, it was great to spend some good old fashion time together. I love my sweetie!

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