Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Burning down the house....

Well.... at 1230am I awoke to a ringing sound.... at first I thought we had left the tv on or something.... once I grew more awake I realized it was the fire alarm from outside. I ran to the window and saw a few neighbours heading outside. At that moment the only thing in your mind is GET OUT NOW! I called to Ken and we grabbed a blanket and our cel in case we needed to call 911. Saying a quick prayer, I had to leave this one in God's hands.

Once outside our old neighbours told us that the place next door smelled of smoke and they called the fire department. Sure enough you could hear the sound of them coming and we settled in for what could be a long time.

The building manager quickly was knocking on doors getting people out, this was serious.... Over minutes, yet what seemed like forever they had pulled out a man and went in with the hoses. We could smell a thick smoke, like burnt plastic.

A short time later we saw them pull a stove out of the apartment. Apprently, the fellow left a pot on the stove, the handle melted and before he could do anything the smoke of the plastic knocked him out. That shook me up a bit indeed. The door to this guys apartment is the wall of our bedroom. Makes you hit your knees in thank you to God for protecting us.

We are inside again, very much awake and most likely won't sleep very well tonight. Smells a bit so I have the fan on but I might have to get some of that "make your house smell fresh" stuff tomorrow. Took a picture of the remains of this guys stove. Scary stuff! Outside I heard so many people talking about how they had no insurance.....GET IT! This should be a wake up call to those people. I hope the man is ok, I thanked our firefighters before heading in...I'm shaking but ok. Nana of course is really upset I think, but we are ok, God took care of us. Amen!


Sonny said...

Man, that's freaky. I'm glad you guys are ok. Remember when my place was on fire? Scary stuff. I'm still on high alert when I smell anything that isn't cigarettes (or other leafy substances) around my building. Yes, for those who don't have insurance, GET IT! I didn't have it and I lost a bunch of stuff.
Aside from the seriousness of your email which lead me to your blog, you mixed the letters around in the subject line. You had Who instead of How :P

Jay said...

LOL, yeah Ken pointed that out after i sent it. said people are gonna think i was sending naughty emails. hehe. too much smoke in the brain.

our place is kinda smelly right now. but i just brought home the febreze!

i remember your fire, scary stuff. the insurance was our first thing we did when we moved in, soooooo important.

mario pochat said...

Hey Janet!! Nice blog you have here!

Haha! What a night you guys had, good pictures!! You still managed to take them in the middle of the crazy situation, that's awesome!

I've added your blog to my favorites. Mario likes!!!

Jay said...

Yeah, once we were allowed back inside we grabbed the camera to take some pics to remember the night. Are we weird, yep!

That stove is still just outside our bedroom window, ick!

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