Monday, October 10, 2005

On Vacation

Well we made it to Victoria for are quickie get-away. Weather has been holding its own, somewhat cloudy and dark but the rain has yet to put a damper on things.

We had a fun time visiting my favorite christmas shops and getting ken's photo taken in the mountie outfit - heheh. As usual, we had our favorite dinner at Chandlers resturant, ohhhh yum! I told nana that lobster was the new turkey this year. It was lovely to have a romantic dinner with my sweetie. Unfortunatey, Ken has been fighting a cold and this morning woke up with a stuffy nose, blah.

Today, we are off to High Tea at the Empress Hotel and then Butchart Gardens. We have never been there and we thank Stella for the free passes!

Later this evening we will go home on the 7pm boat. We are going to have a turkey dinner on the ferry, in the buffet, looking forward to that.

I think Ken might be taking a sick day tomorrow if he doesn't perk up....

Overall, no matter how quick a trip is, I can not stress enough how great it feels to get away! November is coming soon as is our week long trip to Michigan. I think that place is growing on me. Just wish we didn't have to fly, haha. I love my ferry boats, ahhhh, west coast girl!

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