Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pumpkin Carving 101

Last night Ken and I carved our pumpkin for the fall season. He turned out pretty good, Ken is a pro with a pumpkin. Of course I do the icky work of scooping out the "brains" and then he does the actual carving but it works out in my books.

During the carving we watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." Always a classic during an event such as this. I'm not into the whole halloween thing but since Ken enjoys it I will go along for the ride to a point. I am looking forward to lighting the pumpkin that night, love my candles, hehe. He looks pretty good lit up, don't you think?

Today was the meeting after church about the building. It was long but interesting and we voted today. 86% in favor of building the new wing, so thats very exciting!!! The church was planted in 1979, so it's as old as me! I remember the ground breaking ceremony and how it didn't make much sense at the time as a kid, now years later, grown up, married and as an adult in the same church, I see how that time must have been like for the people then. I look forward to the new phase of my church, what an exciting year 2005 has been!

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