Friday, October 21, 2005

Fabric Junkie

Well, Stella and I went on a fabric mission today and needless to say we suceeded. Whee! Look at all the pretty materials I got for stuff. I think I got everything on my list.

-material for 2 table runners
-flannel for the back of my large quilt
-material for 2 wall hangings (I did cross stitch pictures and wanted to quilt the outside boarders)
-material for a christmas table cloth. woot
-tons of ribbon for the ornaments I'm making

We stopped at Landsdown for lunch and some shopping and who comes up behind me but Christy!!! First time I have seen her since she got back, so that was a nice surprise. Need to have a get together soon.

Got some stocking stuffers for Ken and then we headed home, and I am very tired. However, we are going out again to the movies tonight. Ken wants to see Wallace and Gromit so I'm off the hook for dinner. heheh.

Also wanted to share my pumpkin wall hanging, whee. I am starting to get the hang of this quilting thing! Will post all my projects as I finish them, stay tuned!

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