Friday, January 13, 2006

How much do I love my husband?

Two words, dumpster diving!

Yes, at midnight Ken had discovered that he had misplaced his release form he had gotten in the mail this week. It was from one of the people he had interviewed and needed to send it to the publishers. Needless to say when it arrived I said, better start a file in the cabinet so it doesn't get misplaced. However, after agreeing he placed it back in the envelope.

So, when I cleaned up yesterday I assumed the pile of opened mail was now garbage. Needless to say it was tossed and now he was outside digging for it. Feeling somewhat responsible and in tears, I took the flashlight and decided to help.

We hadn't been digging long when we saw a flicker of lights behind us, oh goodie, it was the local patrol guard. With a sheepish and most innocent look I could muster, I spoke. "Um, we feel pretty stupid but we threw out an important letter." Looking us over I think we seemed somewhat trustable, not by our clothes of course since we threw on garbage digging attire. He kinda smiled, "ah, thats not good." He took our names and appartment number to check it and didn't come back so I assume we passed. Needless to say, Ken will be calling our building manager tomorrow to give him the deal too.

Time for the happy ending, we found the silly letter and all is good. It is NOW in a safe location and Ken has learned an important lesson. Don't leave trash around a moody pregnant lady, or you will be digging for it later in the dumpster. Its a good thing Ladner people have pretty clean trash.

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