Friday, January 06, 2006

Huzzah for pills!

Well, after 3 days of being uber sick... again why is it called morning sickness if it lasts all day? I finally decided that the lack of food and water was taking its toll on my body and I turned to the prescription my doctor gave me for Diclectin. My goodness, what a difference. Yesterday, was still a bit rough, I think more getting use to the idea of not being sick every 20 minutes. Today, I woke up, took another pill and had a bowl of cereal, you have no idea how good that was. YAY!

My mouth still tastes like cotton balls but I can live with that. I am hoping now I can continute with my work projects, I was getting worried about finishing them on time. Ugh, its kinda too bad everything fell due around the same time.

In other news, can not believe its Friday already. My goodness, time flys when you are sick. This is Ken's last weekend at home before his classes start up again. He is gonna help me with the video project and I think we will try and get the Christmas stuff packed up, sigh. Seems like I get it all up and then it has to all come down. Blah.

Time for a nice, warm shower.....ah.

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