Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally Thursday...

I was so anxious about today I forgot to wake Xander for his music class this morning, oops. Do you think my brain was in another place or what!?

Soooooooooo, at 1pm today we meet to see the place. Ken was home working today, as he had a dentist appointment in the morning, and my Dad joined us too. We took a brief look at the parking garage and grounds around the unit, thankful for no rain today.

When we came in, the first thing I saw was an extremely cluttered space. Huge furniture and no staging, not to mention basic cleaning is something these people aren't pros at. Of course you need to push that aside and think logically, which as artists we can do pretty well. So I give you the pros and cons

The Pros!

-Good main floor size - the flow of the layout was nice
-The kitchen - the size of it was awesome for a townhouse.
-3 bedrooms - all good size
-Storage - lots of closets, deep ones too in all the rooms and through out the home
-Family friendly complex, pets allowed, nice front area for bbq and kids to play

The Cons!

-One bathroom, its a good size and we are used to one so not a deal breaker for us, especially when most of the townhouses that are older here don't have more than one. Ha!
-DIRTY!!! Seriously, these people didn't take care of their home. Lots of tlc and paint needed to bring it back to his full potential.
-laundry closet is in one of the bedrooms - the room we would give to Ariel had a large closet that we discovered the laundry in, kinda funny, Ariel actually was excited about that, haha.
-Quirky layout - upstairs the 3rd loft bedroom is accessible via Ariel's room

With Dad with us today were able to see what we could do to fix some of the quirks, mainly creating a hallway to make the access to Xander's room more privately, and thus to the laundry stuff too. In our minds, these are long term fixes, things that don't really matter when the kids are younger. When privacy becomes an issue we would know we have some choices in how to handle it. So that is a good to know.

The 2 stairwells need some work, the one is missing the railing and the other is missing the rails that keep kids from falling through, much needed for our crazy daredevil of a son, haha.

The main appliance I see being a goner is the stove. Its pretty darn bad, but thankfully the others seem pretty good. If I was to guess the next to replace would be the fridge. The dishwasher and laundry are looking good.

Our Realtor was away on a trip and had her assistant fill in, and he was fantastic. He did a quick look and later said what he felt it was worth. I think we decided what we felt we would pay for it as is, knowing what we need to invest to make is livable. I think overall we both felt it had potential, it had lots of room, a tad quirky but then so are we. We left with some papers to ponder, chat and pray about. Stay tuned...

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