Monday, January 09, 2012


Today is an exciting day, I finally cleaned the car trunk... well yes I did that but its bigger than that... um, finally got a new home phone to replace our dying ones... that too but no something else.... new keyboard and mouse as ours sent our computer into a fit last night dying haha... yes all those things happened today but today was the big day, we got pre-approved for a mortgage!

Last week I got a chance to sit down and call the bank and chat, then Ken got to talk to them this past weekend and then today we got a call from the mortgage specialist. I sat with pen in hand and scared at what she might say, as I tend to worry about these things more than the average person. The first thing out of her mouth was, beautiful credit Janet, keep it up! Ooh, I felt special. She was a lovely lady who walked me through my questions as she gave me the numbers we were eager to hear. Much like we had though, they are what we wanted to work with in terms of what we were comfortable spending. Of course in our area that is limiting but at least its a start. Yay!

So as of today, we can start to look at homes!!! Eek! I emailed our real-estate gal and gave her the listings we wanted to see in our area as a starting point. We also had a possible lead through a friend at church who is a builder. So once we see what we can, we will chat with him about our numbers and see what is our best option. We got a fantastic rate, which I was really hoping for, and I do plan to call the mortgage broker to see if they could get us any better but I really don't know how much lower they could get, but in the way of being smart we shall see.

I told Ariel after school today the bank called and said we could look at some homes and she was really excited. "Just like that tv show, is that lady going to take you to see them?" Too cute!

Like I mentioned first off, today was the day of upgrading and cleaning. This morning my Dad helped me clean out my VERY messy trunk of the car and fix my stupid turn signal light that came loose. Got rid of way to much crap that somehow always ends up in there. As a thank you I took him for a coffee and muffin. Afterwards we hit London Drugs before I dropped him at home so I could pick up a new keyboard and mouse. Our set has been dying, almost 10 years old, and last night in bed we could hear the usb going off and on trying to connect them to the computer. They are super sensitive and the mouse could barely click. I did some quick research on the 3 models at the store and got the mid priced one with the best review. It was easy install and I am a happy clam!

Dad and Rita also were nice enough to pick up the new phone we needed from the US Costco this weekend. A better price for the same phone here at our Costco. Our phone would charge up forever but only get 5 minutes of talking time before dying. Not great when taking orders. Plus to replace the battery packs cost more than a new phone! So we opted for a new phone set and it came with 4 so if we move to a townhouse with 3 floors it will be perfect. They have funny ring tones and Ariel has picked one that sounds like some 80's video game music, lol.

Again sorry no pics, just in a writing mood today. I'll post pictures soon... promise :)


kelly ens said...

exciting! YAY!!!!

Kim said...

Awesome news about being pre-approved for a mortgage! I still remember when I was looking for my place and how exciting it was to be looking at possible future homes :-) Good luck finding your dream place!

Dianne said...

Sooo exciting!!! Happy dreaming, and home browsing!

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