Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great House Search of 2012 update

Well I haven't posted in a week, mainly due to being super swamped with orders, but now I have a few free days and I am enjoying them while I can, haha. I thought I'd catch everyone up on our search for a new home.

So when we last left off, we got pre-approved along with a good rate. Following up on the advice of everyone we contacted a broker, one which our real estate gal recommended. She gave us a rate just a tad under what the bank gave us, so we were pleased that there wasn't much difference. Then we started looking at listings.

Well, I have been watching the listings for ages, and one particular property in general. In our area, there are only a few townhouse complexes that fit our budget and have 3 bedrooms. Unfortunately, its not like places where the new ones are popping up everywhere... oh the choices we would have had if we moved to Surrey. Oh blah! The new ones that come up here are the same price as a basic house, but we knew that and so we accept what is here.

So this one listing was one of 4 in the same complex but the only one with 3 bedrooms. I would check on it weekly to see if it was still there. At the time there was some major renovations happening there, and it was the middle of winter, so not a great time for selling, so it sat on the market. The moment the weather cleared up, and the renos were nearly done, 2 of the units sold fast. At that point we got pre-approval and booked a date for seeing the place... then the snow came, bah!

We had to cancel and wait... and when we were ready, the 3 bedroom listing was gone. Sob! I was really sad, mainly because there was nothing else available for 3 bedrooms. I thought it had sold, and just felt crushed that we didn't even get to see it. I pulled myself together and we went to start looking at what was out there.

We saw some condos, everything with 2 bedrooms, and we just knew long term it wouldn't work. We really needed 3 bedrooms. I was really sad and had a bit of a moment of tears with the fact there isn't much available for our money. How can it be that we finally are able to find a home and not have anything we can afford?! Seems like things keep slipping out of grasp. Its annoying and frustrating.

The last unit in that complex I had been watching was still open and said it was 2 bedrooms and a den, so I was optimistic that maybe it could work. We walked in and I was in love, it was cozy and felt like a real place we could have our family. We walked up stairs and saw the first bedroom and my heart sunk, the mini den was really added on to the room as a large storage closet more than anything. I kept thinking how it could work, but I was kidding myself. It wouldn't work. The rest of the home was perfect, I loved it, Ken loved it, Ariel loved it... but Xander would be left out without a place for him.

That evening Ken and I chatted about how much that complex was the right one for us... it had everything we wanted, a deck space (no yard due to our allergies), nice flow, easy to find for friends and pick ups for orders with my business, and just looked like us! We then asked our Realtor if she could contact the old listing to see if it sold or if they just took it off the market... and if possible if they were considering selling if we could see it. I spent all weekend longingly looking at the pictures of the listing, praying that if it was meant to be we could see it. Ken kept telling me not to get my hopes up, but I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

Monday afternoon after I came home from a trip to Costco, I got a call from the assistant of our Realtor. 'Hey, how soon do you want to see that place?' I stopped cold, 'um the 3 bedroom one?' 'Yep, what works for you this week?' So this Thursday we are FINALLY seeing that listing!!! Apparently, the people are going on an extended trip and were taking if off since they leave soon! So right now its not listed, and we get to see it!!!

So prayers and good thoughts this week as we see it. If its not the right one, at least we will know and will not continue to wonder if it was the one that got away. I just wish Thursday would come... eek! So I will blog Thursday with a yay or nay... and if its yay, then I guess we move on to the next step.


missmarble said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you Jay! I hope that is is THE home for you.

Kim said...

YAY! :-) I'll keep you all in my thoughts on Thursday that this place ends up working out! :-)

Dianne said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see where you end up. :)

kelly ens said...

AHHHHH!!! Praying it goes well tomorrow and that it all works out! :)

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