Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am a bundle of emotions this weekend, thanks hormones, you rock! Blah!

We had a fun time with Ariel on Saturday for her Topsy Turvy pageant. It was a relaxed event, modeling pajamas and crazy outfits. Ariel won Supreme for her pajamas, which she was super excited about.

Daddy even took part this time. They had a section for parents and siblings to give it a try. So Ken went up and did his best Sears catalog modeling and managed to win best personality, best modeling and most handsome. Way to go honey! He had everyone busting a gut and Ariel was SO proud of him. He was the only Daddy who did it, so it was very special for her. Although he lost out the top prize to the dancing 7 year old, but hey you can win them all!

Xander has been battling the sniffles all weekend. Lots of snot, and pretty clingy but was excited for the babysitter to come stay with him yesterday. They had fun and when we got home we took the whole family to dinner at White Spot with a gift card we had gotten at Christmas. The kids were great in the restaurant, Xander however was hilarious!. We pulled out the kids menu and asked what he wanted, FRIES! Yes Sweetie, but what would you like with it? He puts his finger to his chin and ponders, hmmm, um FRIES! No matter what we said he yelled fries, so we ordered him some fish, and the waiter laughed saying it kinda looks like a big fry. Either way, he was happy.

Things are really picking up for me business wise. Lots of new people booking and this week alone I have 2 cake orders, an order for cake pops and a photo shoot. I just need to survive this week.

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Great pictures!

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