Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its far too early to be up...

Xander woke up at 430am this morning, came to our bed and fell back asleep... but for me I just couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am. Just finished some work stuff I had sitting here, trying to stay caught up as much as I can. Seems like there is something everyday, so its hard when I feel like things slip, bah!

So, we had Mother's Day since I last checked in. Sadly we were all a tad on the congested side, so we stayed home from church nursing our coughs and noses. Mother's Day service is still hard for me, some years I am ok but this year I was a tad off guard and feeling sad. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends and we got invited out to their home for dinner. It was nice and my heart felt good by the day's end.

Ariel had made me a wonderful sunshine pillow in my favorite blue color at school. It came with her singing 'You are my sunshine' which was hard not to cry at when I watched her grin as she eagerly sang it for me. Xander not missing a beat, walked into my room, 'Hi Mommy... I want hugs!' it was perfect!

Ken made me breakfast in bed, his first time making scratch pancakes... pretty good, maybe a touch too much salt, but for my sweet man who doesn't cook it was lovely for him to try. I got a lovely 'mother and children' necklace, something I have seen for years and hoped to have one day.

This week started the slow progression of our activities winding down. We had our last Sparks meeting, and said goodbye to the girls who were moving up to Brownies. They also said 'hello' to me, one of the new leaders, yay!  During the night when the girls were going up front, I was snapping pictures when my camera literary started sounding super slow and then bam, its done. UGH! My heart sank, I texted Ken, feeling like crud. Photographers know the feeling I speak of... that moment when you feel like your right hand has been chopped off.

Thankfully it was a 2 hour Glee night and it took my mind off of my broken baby. It was a great episode, some great dramatic stuff, fantastic performances and I keep watching them on youtube. Even though Ariel doesn't watch the show for obvious reasons, I let her see the dance numbers. She loved this one with the cool flips at the end...

...and seriously, this is a goosebumps song! Move over Celine, haha.

... but this one Ken and I just loved. Just a great version of the song. Yes, I am a Gleek and proud of it.

After talking with some friends and family, some research and then calling the Nikon people, we decided it was finally time to upgrade, something we had been discussing for a while, but I was happy with my camera and didn't crave anything more. Seemed like the D7000 was the next step, so after checking the funds, I walked to the store the next morning with Xander and bought the last D7000 body on sale. Whee. With having my lens compatible, I could just get the body, which was awesome. I brought it home and waited for the battery to charge up so I could play. In the meantime, I have a huge manual to read now, gack.

Tonight also was the big car night! We were scheduled to go in and talk 'turkey'. I was nervous all day, which is funny since I was never this nervous when we bought our home, maybe because someone did all the work and I just signed stuff. Haha. Either way, we had a FANTASTIC experience at Kia. They were not pushy (something I hate with sales people). We had the kids with us, and they had them set up with balloons, candy and playing with the show room cars. Since it was getting quite late, I opted to return for the car in the morning so we could get the kids home to bed. I never thought we buy a new car ever, but it was the right decision for us right now. I am excited to pick it up now, eek. Pictures soon :)

Soooo, today I am driving our 'tank' Volvo for one more ride to the ICBC claim center. Its kinda sad... its the only car I have really driven. I learned to drive behind that wheel, as painful as that was I think for both me and my parents - I didn't learn till I was 19. We had another volvo that was our college car, but this one was really my first car. So ends an era... and we welcome the hamster car to the family, lol. Yes, we have a Kia Soul, its cute and silver (I won the color debate finally!) If you don't know why I call it the hamster car, this is why... Ariel loves this commercial.

Well the sun is starting to pour into the living room through the trees. Gosh its pretty... I feel very blessed, thankful and overwhelmed as I sit here in the light. Ok... time for breakfast before I have to get people off to work and school, yay me.


kelly ens said...

talk about some EXCITING new gifts in your house! That necklace is beautiful, the mother's day gift is super sweet, the camera...well, you know how i feel about that (the one i'm waiting/hoping for eventually) and a new car. I'd be like a dozen kids on christmas morning :)
ENJOY!!! :)

Jay said...

haha thanks Kelly. Yeah, it was really overwhelming, and we are just so thankful things happened in God's timing because everything fell into place so perfectly.

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