Friday, May 18, 2012

Say Hello to 'Sparky'

At least that is what Ariel has named it, so let it be proclaimed, haha. Here it is, our Kia Soul 2012. Wow, I still am in shock we have a new car... like new new, like no one has ever driven this car but us!! The manual this sucker came with is huge too, gack! A bit change from the 20 year old car we had been driving.

Yesterday was the big day for picking it up. I got Ariel off to school and headed to the insurance place to transfer the ownership with the stuff the car lot gave me. However, upon arriving and looking at them, the lot had accidentally put Ken's name on instead of mine. We both own the car on the deed, but for insurance since the volvo was in my name only it makes sense to do the same with the new one since I have the time to do renewals, air care etc.

Sooo, we took the old car into the ICBC claim center to get the plates removed. It was sad saying goodbye to the car. My parents taught me to drive on that car, we brought both our kids home from the hospital in it and had so many adventures... breaking down in Montana maybe not a highlight but a memory for sure. I felt like I was leaving a piece of me, it was a good car to us, gave us lots of grief at times but kept our family safe. I looked at 'Tank's' big boo boo and sighed. Goodbye Volvo... we will miss you.

It took awhile for them to get organized, the guy doing our case was in a meeting so finally someone else took over, we got our cheque and signed the car away. Sniff. I am thinking the money we got was more than the car is probably worth... oh well.

Then we headed to the Kia lot in the sunshine. It was lunch time and I guess busy too. We waited quite awhile as I now had to do my insurance at the lot because of the mix up, and the guy had to be called in, sooo lame, but what can ya do?! Thankfully Xander was happy playing with my phone and Dad eventually left since he needed to eat before his blood sugar dropped, and to get Ariel who had early dismissal. Finally after he left the insurance guy arrived, got everything done and then we got the key! ACK!!!

Ariel is only a tad excited!

Our sales guy had everything set up, even installing the kids seats. We got in and I soon learned our car had some fun 'features'. He hooked up my phone via bluetooth, something I have no clue about haha. Next thing I knew we were calling Ken at work via voice commands in the car! If that wasn't cool enough, he showed me how to play our music from my iphone through the car stereo. Oooh. Its got a button for gas saving when in traffic, the seats fold down in the back if I need to transport stuff that is big, the trunk is perfect for cakes delivery and so much more. My favorite thing to discover was no aircare for 7 years! Yay... everyone knows how much I hate that place, ha!!!

Then it was ours... said our goodbyes to the sale guy, and I was sitting in the drivers seat with Xander buckled up in the back. Then I freaked out. I slowly started it, and inched out of the driveway, I think I was afraid to drive it in fear of breaking it. The driving is so smooth compared to our old car I had to get use to the easy control of the wheel, no more cranking it. The brakes too, very sensitive... just different. The first few lights I was looking like a new driver no doubt but by the time I was back home I felt good... really good. In fact, it was the first time I ever felt good driving. I never could see well in the other car, this one I was up high and not straining my neck. The seat was comfy and it just fit my short frame well. Hello new car, welcome to the family. Haha.

When Ariel saw it after school she squealed, just a tad excited. I dropped the kids off at Stella's and showed her our new toy. Then quickly picked up Ken from the loop to head over for to meet with Ariel's teacher. We couldn't be more proud of our smart and sweet girl. Her teacher said so many lovely things that my heart burst. She is writing and reading like a grade one student. She showed us her printing book and how her writing skills since the beginning have been ahead of the normal kindergarten level. Her art was amazing, lots of thought and detail, she plays with both boys and girls in the class, and just is a pleasure to teach. She is ready for grade one, and that makes me so happy. Oh and her hula hooping in gym has been making her teacher very amused, as she just doesn't stop, of course we see that here all the time, she has some crazy skills!

We came home for a faijta dinner, all giddy about the day, and so very thankful. Ken prayed for our safety in the new car, and we just finally relaxed! All those big things are done, we are moved, the car has been dealt with and now we can just do everyday life stuff! Following dinner, we went out and we applied our new family sticker to the car.... pretty darn perfect, hee. Ken with his books, me and my cake, dancing girl Ariel and rock star Xander. The family truckster, haha.

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