Monday, May 28, 2012

Dance vs Cake!

Oh give me strength to make it through this week, haha. Its RECITAL week!!!  Yes, after a long year of work, Ariel is going on the big stage at the Bell Performing Arts Centre! We had our tech run last week and she is so ready to go. When Ariel came out after her practices, I didn't get to see yet (they keep everything a surprise for the big show) she was grinning from ear to ear. Such a big moment for my little dancer girly. I remember when she was barely able to stand, and she was bopping already to the music.


When she was finally 2 she could take the ballet classes at the community center... oh she was so sweet!

Then came kinderdance at her current dance school. 

Finally this year she was in the studio with the performing classes, oh it was a big exciting day when we signed up. I remember how excited she was seeing the big kids in costumes getting their picture taken when we came to sign up. Now next weekend that will be her, having her first photos with her classes, awe. 

This year has gone by quickly and with closed door classes you never know what they are doing until the big show. Ariel is one for secrets when it comes to a show, she likes to play along making me wait, but she did show me her jazz routine, and I was amazing how good she got in a few months from that parent's viewing I saw. Today she brought home her first costume for the show... I couldn't be more proud or excited. We practiced her make up, thankfully she enjoys that sort of thing. Its the cutest thing ever... and we still have the ballet one to get later this week. She is a white mouse for that part of the show, eek!

Over the weekend we were in the parade for the May Days, and I got to chat with one of the dance teachers. She wanted to invite Ariel to be part of her junior competitive class they are wanting to start. She would go to 2 events next spring, and basically get the training early to what its like to do that sort of thing. Its a big step and something we are thrilled to encourage, mainly because we respect the dance school's stance on competition - it being a team building, experience and fun. Its not about winning, its about dance and learning to do your best on stage. Its pretty overwhelming since Ariel's official invite came tonight via email, and they only asked 4 girls. So I guess we are jumping in and we shall see where this new adventure leads us. Stay tuned!

So in the midst of last week of classes and extra practice, I am handling 4 orders. Thankfully they are all pretty easy (in my mind anyways) and I think it should go smoothly. Last week I had a somewhat lazy week with only doing a wedding cake for our friends Dan and Amy. It was so much fun and I loved the result!

The wedding was so much fun, and we all had a fantastic time. Couldn't be happier for them, love is grand!

I will post about the show next week... until then, have a great week!

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