Monday, May 07, 2012

Yeah, I Know...

Sorry, I am slacking off again. What can I say, lots of cake, lots of craziness and just realizing we are in MAY! Crazy!!!!

Where to start, ok cake. The business has been a tad overwhelming at times. Some weeks having 5-6 orders, which can be at times fun and the money is always a blessing, but with so much happening with other activties its a bit much. I decided after 2 very full weeks being filled in May, and the following 2 being each with an order or 2 that I would say 'FULL'. I just need that to feel like I can breathe. Ahhh. I will say its hard to say no, since I love what I do and every order is exciting. Lots of fun things coming up, yay. This is one of my latest cakes, so cute!!!

The house! Things are really looking nice around here. Today Dad came and put our spindles in on our stairs. Wow, what a change it makes to the room and so much more like a home, love it!  Our closets were done, we have bars and shelves now, always exciting to hang clothes up instead of random piles on the floor haha. I am planning on using my birthday money for getting some closet doors for our room, and a new one for the laundry area. We are hoping to find a patio set soon for the upcoming summer months so we can eat outside. We have a little BBQ we got as a wedding gift we have never used so we are going to try that out this summer too. Whee!

They had a huge gardening party at our complex, and although Ariel and I were away, Ken and Xander helped out, and met some more neighbours. Xander liked the digging and we have a little spot that is going to be ours for taking care of which we are excited about. 

Ariel and I were away overnight at Spark camp this past weekend! It was her first camp experience and she LOVED IT! We were only an hour away in a cute camp with cabins and nice play areas for the girls. It was a fairy theme so there were lots of crafts and games right up her alley. She was sad when it was time to come home but we look forward to next year! Oh, and I am becoming an leader, taking my papers in so it will be official. Excited! The girls are wonderful. 

Tomorrow we start car shopping. Trying not to be overwhelmed, but since I am not one who knows much about cars its a tad nerve wracking. Our car had a bit of a run in, or back in rather to a pick up truck who was also backing up. A 50/50 thing, and I am thankful Ken and Ariel were ok, but it was a total bummer. We can still drive the car, but are lacking a left turn signal and our trunk is tied shut since its a tad squished. We are thinking about a Kia, after some good feedback from Uncle Blair, so going to start there and see what we think. Hoping its not a huge drawn out process, as I would like to just take our car in and get the cheque and move on. The kids hate seeing the damage, and are dreaming of a red car, haha. Not sure that will happen, but who knows!

Speaking of cheques, we had a full week of cleaning our old apartment only to have to fight for part of our deposit! Rita had carpet cleaned the whole place and the manager didn't feel they were cleaned, or cleaned well. Well, I came home and wrote a letter as 'angry Ken' haha, and after 2 letters and being polite but firm that we felt they were cleaned, and the wear and tear on them was 8 years of living on them with a family of 4. We finally won after I said take pictures of the them after you clean them and sure enough, oh you were right, they can't be cleaned, hahah, WINNING! I am thankful, especially with how much we spent on getting the curtains cleaned! Ack!

Ariel got her first report card, which was exciting, since we are in a teacher job action situation still, it was an exciting day. She is meeting expectations and a pleasure to teach, aw, I am a proud Mommy. She also was recognized at the lastest assembly at school for her hard work in learning to read. Its amazing how we are out and she will go, that says 'this and that'. Very cool!

We participated and helped out at Ariel's school spring fair. They raised $7000 which is fantastic, and we all had a great time and ate FAR too much sugar. We all painted fish for the school's stream of dreams mural, which I need to get pictures of now that its installed, so cool!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a small dinner with family at Dad and Rita's. Including a coconut cream pie, woot!!! I got a cupcake charm for my bracelet and some fun goodies from friends and family. I am very blessed and even though it was the first year I almost forgot it was my birthday, haha, it was nice. 

What else... oh we have recitals coming up! Our first one!!!!!!! I am helping as a backstage Mom during the Friday show, and watching on Saturday. Ariel is excited about her costumes, and I am eager to see them!  Her jazz outfit is sorta like a cowgirl, and I am told its red. Then for ballet she is a white mouse. Ken bought our tickets this past Sunday, only a few weeks to go. 

Ken is busy animating and finishing up this latest film with Galen. Then he starts right away on the next one, so that will keep him busy until mid summer most likely. I am starting to register for summer camps, Ariel is already in for dance camp again, Imagine That doing sketching and painting and just waiting on VBS to open up. Its weird to think summer is coming so fast, wacky! Ken is doing some travelling for work on several weekends, so to be prepared with activities is good to distract the kids when Daddy is gone... and help Mommy get a break too, haha. 

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