Monday, June 04, 2012

Ripples and Tornadoes

Well we survived our first recital craziness weekend! Yay! It was fantastic and it was so much fun to be part of such an exciting time for the kids involved. I helped out as a class mom during the Friday night show. Generally the shows are a Sat & Sun, but there was a mix up this year when booking, I believe due to the leap year. Anyhoo, I was in charge of Ariel's jazz class. Its a well oiled machine back stage, check in boards for each group, where your kids are coming from, quick changes for those doing multiple dances, where to send them afterwards if they dance again etc! I tell you the adrenaline from the night alone had me wide awake for quite a while once I got home. Haha.

The perk of helping is we get to stand in the wings and watch the girls dance, which is a really cool experience. I was so proud watching her, I can't wait to help again, love it!!!

Ariel and buddy Sarah - they have been dancing together since kinderdance

Stella came to see Ariel on the Friday show, which Ariel was thrilled about, can you tell?!

Ariel LOVED her first recital experience as well. She actually does really well in these waiting around situations with only having some snacks and coloring available. We had the tv set up so we could view the show as it played out. The ballet is always a huge story and ties in all the classes. This year it was about an mean queen who was turned into an eagle until she realized how her actions had ripple effects one the people and world around her. Oooh deep eh? It was really stunning, the costumes beautiful and just amazing to see the work the kids put into it! 

When we got to watch Ariel from the audience on the Saturday performance, I saw again her ease on stage. She was in her element, huge smile (unless acting surprised as she told me when the cat surprises them when she is a mouse, haha) The Bell Performance Centre prefers no pictures and video during the show, so we respected that. I ordered a DVD of the show, so I will upload a clip when I can. 

Then her jazz number was so great, bopping away. Plus those costumes are too cute! Daddy and I brought our girl some flowers and a ballet lamb stuffed toy to mark her big day. She has her flowers in her room, she loves them. 

Xander didn't come to the recital, but hung out with his buddy K. They had fun by the sounds of things, they are too cute!

On top of the recital, I had 5 orders this weekend! It nearly killed me... just not having the same time to work was hard, and one night I just went to bed instead and figured it be ok, but I ended up working till 2am to catch up, oh well. I have another 5 orders this weekend, so it will be a tad crazy but less going on so it shouldn't be a problem. 

Ariel also had a small pageant (yes we are crazy!) on the Sunday afternoon. She won Queen of her age group, which she was super excited about. Her buddy won queen in her age group so they were thrilled to be 'queens' together. She blew away the people with her on stage interview and introduction, which was great since that is one of the main reasons for doing these is learning public speaking skills. 

We have another pageant coming up which has a rock and roll theme. Ariel has been practicing her routine to 'Rockin' Robin' in her poodle skirt. Its so adorable! We also are now counting down till the end of school, which is weird. She will be going to grade one next year!!! Wow. Xander goes to pre-school and Mommy gets her first taste of what it will be like with no kids home...crazy.

Not like I won't have anything to keep me busy eh? Speaking of busy, like I said the cakes are fast and furious these days. I am full for June, today I posted to book early for summer, and I got 8 bookings in one afternoon! Seriously!!! I nearly died from the phone calls and emails. My head was spinning but its such an amazing blessing to have this business. My goal for the month was to have enough earned to pay Ariel's dance tuition for 3 classes next year (ballet, jazz and jazz competition) paid in full to get the discount, and I think I will make it! Which is fantastic! Next is paying Xander's year tuition for pre-school, and then on to savings for possible things to come down the road like renos and trips... we are itching to go to Disneyland at some point again... and I will totally need the vacation haha. 

Ok, speaking of vacation, I am going to bed, as I have a full week ahead. Good night!

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