Thursday, June 14, 2012


As of noon today, I have a mini vacation... no orders until the following weekend, so I actually have a FREE weekend!!! The first one in... gosh, I can't tell you when! Its exciting.... I plan to paint our bathroom, yep, excitement eh? Well its been bugging me, and its time, so I shall finally take care of it and I will be happy!

So once the orders were picked up today, Xander and I went off to pick up our paint at Rona's. Xander was gifted with a painters hat, and now is convinced he will get to paint with me... hmmm. This could be interesting.

I am also referring to this break as a calm before the 'cake' storm. The last week of June I am booked, every day... seriously, I have a cake due almost daily... a few times 2 cakes, but its nuts... and it goes on for 3 heavy weeks in July until I break for teaching at the summer camp. I am looking forward to that, been sorting out my lesson plans, and most likely will be doing more of that while I break this week.

Dad and Rita just got back from a trip to China. The kids got a few trinkets and Ariel a pretty dress that she loves.

I got a nice knock off Louis Vuitton, ooh! Haha.

So we got word that Ariel's dance school would be travelling to Disney World next summer to take part in a program called 'Dance the World'. Basically the girls would get to go and dance in the Disney World parade and take part in other events. We were really excited until we saw, must be age 7 when the trip happens.... Ariel will be shy of 7 by less than 30 days... DOH! It was a sad time, and she was disappointed. She could have gone but not danced in the parade but that be hard for her to see her friends take part and not be in there.

Soooo after some talking, Ken and I finally decided that fall 2013 is our year, we are going back to DISNEYLAND as a family! It will be Xander's first visit, and we are excited 'Cars Land' is opening this summer, how perfect will that be?! We are going to start planning and saving, trying to pin down the dates still, but have a few ideas. The nice thing is we can all go, not just how Ariel and I would have gone on this dance trip, so we are excited. The kids don't really know yet, so we will decide if we surprise them or tell them at some point. It would have been nice to go this fall, but I am already booked with orders and a wedding so it can't happen then, and you know me, if we are going, I love to plan, haha. Its the best part, hee... and I need to sew some new princess gowns for Ariel. Oh yay, I am so excited... woot!

Looking forward to Father's Day this weekend, Ariel's been working on something at school, and I finally pulled out our little BBQ to set up and perhaps try out weather permitting on Sunday.

Well, I am gonna go relax and enjoy my night off... the first of several. Ahhhh.

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