Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Kindergarten Baby

Well, this past week I was an emotional bean pole. It finally hit me that my baby girl was finishing Kindergarten and on to grade one next fall. Its strange I never cried over preschool and her starting school but finishing this first year, well that seemed to do it to me. I was looking at her workbooks she brought home and it hit me so fast that she was not my baby girl anymore.

We got ready for school quickly and drove back to our old place to do photos in front of the fence... had to do the compare shot since I couldn't do my typical 'door' shot since we don't have that door anymore. She has grown a lot... matured in her looks a bit more. Still my silly girl though.

Xander had to get in on the pictures too, they are too cute for words!

At the assemble this morning the kindergartens had a big job of walking the grade 7 graduates out of the gym, but first giving them a flower, and getting a pencil in return for continued learning.

After the assemble, the kids went to get their report cards. Ariel did fantastic, known as the 'hula hoop' queen and exceeding expectations at reading. Its been hard this week talking about school being over, Ariel tends to start crying. She loved her teacher this year, I hope she loves her teacher next year too.

I can't say how much we love our school. The people we have met, the friends made, and the many years ahead, its all so exciting. Good work baby girl, we are proud of you!

Now its on to summer fun... lots of camp stuff coming up, its going to be a blast!!!!

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kelly ens said...

Crazy that kindergarten is over, hey? Love the comparison pictures - she really has grown! I wish i had looked back to see what angle i had taken i have one that looks down a bit, and then one that's straight on and it looks like T grew a FOOT! Haha :)

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