Monday, June 11, 2012

Supreme Weekend

Time to check in again, as life as been rolling by. We are counting the days till the end of school... which is hard to believe is coming to an end soon. Its been nice to enjoy some down time from our regular schedule and Ariel is loving the extra play-dates. This past week besides the many orders for cakes, we had dance photos filling our weekend and a pageant.

On Friday, Ariel's school opened up the 'Stream of Dreams' of all the fish the kids and family had painted. It was a wonderful project and we enjoyed looking for our fish. We have found everyone's fish except Ariel's... who is having a small memory issue to what it looked like. She has a rough idea, and I found a few like it, but she isn't sure... I am sure it will come back to her at some point haha.

Then Saturday was photo day one. We had her ballet picture first thing in the morning, so we were in full mouse mode again. Such a cute costume, can't wait to see her photo. They get a group shot and a individual one. Yay! Ariel got a chance while waiting to get a picture with class helper, aka the 'Cat', hee.

During photos, we got to see the schedule and who is teaching what next year. The way it worked out is that Ariel will continue with her one jazz class during the week, and then 2 classes on the weekend after each other, which she is very excited about. Its also handy schedule wise, yay!

We left the photos and drove up for our pageant. Its always exciting to see our friends and pageant buddies. The girls are so fun and supportive of each other, its really a fun environment. This time it was a 'Rock of Eras' theme, and the girls got to pick a time period and do a theme outfit and routine. Ariel did 50's and a CUTE routine to 'Rockin' Robin'.  She BLEW the crowd away, they were cheering and she of course loves that. I felt like such a dork not taping it, but I was more nervous than she was. I don't know how she does this, I am not a stage person at all!

People kept coming up saying how great she did, and pretty much was the stand out in her age group that day. Come crowning we were excited when she WON! Yes, this time she got Supreme of her age group, and she was SOOOO excited. She got a large tiara, trophy, sash and giant guitar balloon (which I think she likes the best haha). Her friends were congratulating her and it was a special time. We probably won't be doing many pageants come the fall due to her dance schedule, so we will enjoy our time when we get a change to do one... we are going to miss everyone. I am so proud of what she has learnt about talking in front of an audience, confidence on stage and just having fun regardless if you win the big title or not. But today was our day, and she was pretty proud... yay sweetie!

We came home and after a quick dinner together I got back to work on cakes and cake pops. I have lots of big orders these days that include a cake, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops! Its great for me but sometimes the space in the fridge is tight. One of the orders was a cute safari themed cake with matching cake pops, so bright and fun!

These are popular these days!

This was my fav, I want this for my birthday... only in turquoise.... and the 19 would be nice too, haha.

Sunday morning we were back for our jazz pictures and I did Ariel's registration for next year. I also got to sign her up for the special acro workshop they are offering the 'competition' students this summer. Ariel is excited about that as she has a love of tumbling and wanting to learn more and Mommy can't afford both dance and gymnastics, so this is a good way to fill the void and its great for her coming year in competition class. Her ballet teacher was telling me how turned out she is, and a good dancer, and she has a good future ahead of her in dance. Proud Mommy moment, yay! 

Today I was a class driver for taking Ariel's friends for their field trip to gymnastics. It was such a gorgeous day, and fun to finally help as our new car meets those safety needs required. Haha. Ariel of course was pleased as punch to have a friend in the car. Xander was the only one upset.. that he didn't get to go play. I guess we will be doing a drop in class soon! 

Right now we are waiting on updates about Ken's grandmother. She isn't doing well and we are not sure how things will go, all depends on if she responds to treatment. We are praying for peace and strength for all of them as its such a stressful time. We love you Yaya!

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