Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching Up

Project 365 - Day 291

Here is Mr Rooster from the farm this morning. He was strutting his stuff for us and the hens, haha.

Sorry for the lack of blogs this weekend. I am finding my weekends are more and more becoming filled with the overflow of the week and trying to relax when I can. I had a bad migraine that lasted a few days so that was painful. Blah!

On Sunday the groups performed or shared the project they had been doing for the 'Creative Service' time. Ariel was part of the dance class and I couldn't have been prouder that morning. She took it so seriously and danced with her heart, and with the words to the song it really was moving. Pastor Dave told Ariel after the service it was special to see her dance for Jesus... yes it was!!!

After church we went to White Spot with Kara for lunch. It was nice to hang out and Ariel made a friend at the next table. They played with their pirate boats together, pretty cute. We came home for a web chat with Grammy and then the kids and Daddy had a nap while I worked.

Today was Ariel's class trip to the pumpkin patch. I was asked if I could drive on of Ariel's classmates and her Nanny since the Nanny didn't drive. So thankfully Stella was around to watch Xander, thanks again! In the end it was good I didn't have him since Ariel was a handful that morning anyways. It was really cold and she tends not to do well when she is uncomfortable.

While at the patch I was talking with one of Ariel's teachers who went on and on about how sweet and wonderful a girl Ariel is. She told me how Ariel goes out of her way to always include anyone who may want to play, getting the group together into an activity and how she almost sets kids up and goes on her way to do something else and then does the same elsewhere. She never excludes anyone, and just wants to be a friend to all her classmates. As a parent I was proud and moved to know my daughter was such a kind spirit. She is by no means perfect, especially when the 'diva' comes out in her, haha. Its those little moments that remind me that she has the heart that her Grandma Vickie and Nana had.

Speaking of that diva, Ariel had a fit when I told her that her friend from class couldn't come over today since I am busy with cake orders this week. Needless to say she flipped and cried most of the ride home and afternoon. Thankfully after some food she mellowed out, but it wasn't pretty!

Then while baking cookies this afternoon for an order, I watched a memorial for a little girl named Grace. I never knew her, but her story touched me and I found myself crying. She was only a year older than Ariel, so it hits close to home.

Well my little man has decided on his new favorite toy is the broom... yes, the broom. In fact the boy screamed when I took it away today. Kinda bizarre but funny at the same time. I'd be happy to give it to him if I wasn't so worried he take out someone with handle.

Well, the kids are starting to circle and demand Mommy, so I better go!


Dianne said...

Ariel did such a great job with her dancing!

Kristin said...

Oh the fits! we have been having some of those... Good thing the sweet moments exist too. :)

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