Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Little Pumpkin

Project 365 - Day 303

Shortly before 4am on Saturday morning we got the call from my brother that the long awaited family member had finally arrived! I am excited to say I am now officially an Auntie! Jo was amazing, Mike was glowing and little Henry... well he is perfect! I am so in awe of my brother becoming a Dad for the first time, his love for his son and his wife are truly a testament to the love we got from our parents. Today I am thankful... welcome to the family Henry and being my kids first cousin! Hugs, Auntie Jay!


kelly ens said...

congrats, auntie jay!!! He's super cute :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Auntie for the sweet message! I am wide awake partying in the middle of the night again! my parents are suckers because I am so cute!

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