Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mother to Royalty!

Project 365 - Day 296

I haven't been on here much this week, but its been kinda nuts with the regular routine and 2 cake orders keeping me hopping. Today was a break from the norm and we attended a natural beauty pageant with Ariel. You might remember we did one back in May which she really enjoyed. Well they had a Halloween one and I thought 'why not' since she would get another wear out of her costume. Haha.

It was fun again to be at something fun which wasn't negative like those crazy shows you see on tv. This was again all natural, so just the girls being themselves, no make up etc. Ariel was more comfortable on the stage this time around, even smiling at the crowd and judges table. She went on by herself too, which was quite something for her confidence I think.

At crowning time (every girl gets a crown regardless) they started naming girls within her age division of 4-5 year olds. She was in the largest group of 13 kids, and I noticed we were getting to fewer and fewer girls left on stage when it dawned on me, oh my - she could win a title! Next thing I knew she was being crowned the winner of her division! Queen! She was given a sash, trophy, flowers, balloons, goodie pumpkin bucket filled with candy and a stuffed toy and a crown!

I think in the midst of it she really didn't get what was happening since all the girls get a crown. However when she looked up and saw that she got the BIG balloons she was excited! All she wanted was one of those big balloons on stage and she got it, we were so thrilled for her.

So this week I took the kids out to the trails to take pictures of them in their costumes since Halloween night is always so crazy. The kids had so much fun playing in their outfits and I am so happy they love them. Ariel felt so pretty and loves her hood.

Xander... well he is just adorable! We get lots of people thinking he looks a bit like Max from the wild things, hee.

It was also a sad day as we learned this week that Grammy's dog Buddy had kidney failure. We knew on our visit that he was sick and it wouldn't be long till the day would be coming that he would have to be put down. He couldn't go up the stairs himself and so the news came this week that this morning Buddy would be put down. Ariel was sad and even more concerned that Grammy, Dan and Jonathan were sad and wanted to talk to them tonight to make them happy. Awww.

Well its another busy week leading up to Halloween, Ariel gets to wear her costume to school, coffee party is at my place and we are coming up on the due date of Mike and Jo's baby! Eek, gonna be an Auntie soon!!!!!!!!!!!


kelly ens said...

awesome!!! she looks so cute :)

Tera said...

Congrats, Ariel! She looked adorable!! Love their costumes. You did an amazing job! I'm so far behind on blogs but hopefully I can catch up on yours soon. You always have such great ideas to share.

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