Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Overview

Project 365 - Day 285

Its GLEE night! As you can see, Xander is also a fan, haha. If you are missing the joke, check out a sample poster below.

So our weekend came to an end and went back to our regular routines today. Ariel had ballet this morning and Kara was filling in as the sub teacher so Ariel was excited, although she didn't want to let it on in front of me. Her body is finally catching up with her brain in terms of coordination and she is correcting herself with the way things should be done. I see it when she practices at home, and Kara said both her and Miss Julie see it too. Ariel is such a dancer in her heart, always wanting to practice, it will be interesting to see how far she takes it.

Finally getting around to posting Thanksgiving dinner pictures from the weekend. Here is our table with our cute turkey place cards we made... complete with the meal that fed us all weekend... seriously, there was that much food!

Ariel was so excited for turkey which she kept reminding me was a large chicken.

Xander was just eager to eat... with a fork no less.

Sunday afternoon we hit the pumpkin patch in the glorious sun shine! The fields were mucky from the rain and Ariel was a tad unsure of that, but we made her get messy... as much as she could tolerate (which wasn't much!)

Xander was enjoying toddling around poking at pumpkins. A little Linus looking for the 'great pumpkin' haha.

My little pumpkins trying to blend in, haha. It was a little bright so it was hard not to find a spot where it wasn't in their eyes. Oh well.

Then on to our favorite part, the dancing produce! Well, most of us liked it, Xander was giving that Corn the evil eye.

Put then again I think we all do when we first see them, haha.

So Monday was a big cleaning day... a big one! We finally tackled the few areas that were driving me nuts. I am proud to say we took a car load of junk to the thrift, our bedroom no longer has a pile of sewing stuff in bins in the corner, and the kids closets just have their thing in them, not our stuff in storage! YAY! It was hard, and we were pretty tired by the end of the day, but its so worth it.

Well, its time for Glee.... and a slice of apple pie. Whee!

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