Thursday, October 07, 2010

Has it been a week?

Project 365 - Day 280

All you need is love... and cookies, hehe.

Well, I haven't had a real blog since last Thursday... its been busy to say the least. Also with Ken doing his online teaching stuff I don't get on the computer in the evening much. Soooo lets catch up with everything that has been going on with us.

First off, we celebrated our Thanksgiving with the family early. We had a fantastic dinner and stuffed ourselves silly. I am glad Ken and I had the will power to skip lunch to prepare for the meal ahead, haha.

Earlier that morning I had left Ken with the kids and headed off to the huge Toys r Us sale happening in Richmond. Within an hour I had finished our Christmas shopping! Yay! Afterwards I went to see the Quilt show and Stella who was working at it. I ended up buying a super cute ballet bag (Stella made) for Ariel. Sure I could have made one, but I am so busy I don't know when it would have happened. Ariel loved it!

Then the following day I went off to a baby shower for Jo which was lovely. It won't be long now till I am an official auntie! Eek! We will be having another shower for her once baby arrives... so I better start getting ideas together. Whee!

This week Ariel started her 'preschool plus' class. Basically once a week she stays an extra 2 hours. She gets a lunch, some gym time and extra crafts or baking time. Needless to say she LOVED IT. I picked her up and she was glowing with excitement over her turkey hat and chocolate chip cookies. The night before we had made some homemade macaroni and cheese to take her in lunch. She was so giddy and now I find I am getting asked if today will be a 'long' day or if its a 'short' day. I guess we are ready for kindergarten eh?

During that long class, Xander and I went over to Stella's to cut out the fabric pieces for the kid's Halloween costumes. By far its that step that always takes the longest. Bah! Xander for the most part was really good... he also discovered the sewing machine much like Ariel did at this stage. He loved to press the button that cuts the thread on Stella's machine. In fact he liked it so much he tried to find that button on my machine... but sadly I don't have it so I had to show him one he could push. Haha... oh and he says 'push' when he wants to do it, haha.

Xander also wanted to share his love for the Muppets, much like his parents. We are so proud! Lol.

During the week I got booked for 3 cake orders! 2 for this month and one for next month. Wowzers... a tad overwhelming but I think if I keep it to only one order a week I can balance it within my week. More incentive to finish the costumes asap!

Looking forward to a long weekend with the family. I went and got us a small turkey to cook up tomorrow. I figure we can eat the leftovers all weekend and then I don't have to cook... sounds good to me. We are hoping to hit the pumpkin patch but depends on the weather... the rain is coming, boo!

Well, I better get back to sewing as I have a little girl who expecting to see a finished costume in the morning. I will try not to wait a full week to blog again... try being the key word!

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Kristin said...

Aww, what totally cute fall pics. :)

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