Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Well I promised to share the picture I took of the kids for our card this year yesterday and I forgot, oops. So here it is today! Easter Monday, so its still within the right time, haha.

We had a fun and busy weekend filled with church, family, friends and candy! On the Good Friday we went to the service at church which was powerful and always reflective. Ken as an new Elder got to serve his first communion which was special as well. Ariel was excited because her friend from school was visiting our church so she sat with him. I didn't think we had entered that phase yet but more and more she wants to sit with her friends at church.

Afterwards we had brunch at Dad and Rita's with Mike, Jo and Henry. It was a nice quiet morning and we had a nice walk to see the ducks with the kids.

It was around the afternoon that Ariel went down with some sort of stomach flu bug. She threw up twice before sleeping the afternoon away on the couch. Lets just say cotton candy ice cream is gross... but even worse when its barfed up... sigh.

The Saturday morning she woke up perky and wanted to eat some toast but threw that up too. In that time I had an order of 30 hockey puck mini cakes getting picked up and was frazzled. Sadly it was my first ever 'complaint'. When in business it happens and up till now I have had a smooth run so it was time to experience a bump. She said they were dry and crumbly when she got them home, so not sure if it was the size of them, or the fondant sucking out moisture or what but I gave her a refund. Better to suck it up and learn for next time. Frankly I felt odd about the whole order, but then its hockey related so I think anything related to that is evil, haha. She was very nice about the whole thing and all in all, I feel ok. Of course the day of I was sad more so because I felt bad about her party they were for. She did say she call on me again so that was nice. Cake is a fussy thing and you never know what could happen. Back in the saddle I go!

I went out to Costco that morning to get toilet paper and some supplies for my orders this week... speaking of which I have 5! Yes everything from grad, wedding, birthdays and a bridal shower! I have a tight schedule this week but I am ready, so lets get baking!

Sunday was Easter and everyone was better, tired but at least no more puking. We had invited friends but cancelled when Ariel got sick since we just didn't want to chance it. We went to church and enjoyed the uplifting service. Lots of flowers and of course our traditional decorating the cross. Love this!

We also did our 'Easter Bunny' fun with the kids having some baskets of goodies for them. I never get much in the way of candy, Dad and Rita got the kids each a chocolate bunny to stick in the basket. Instead I got Ariel a new dress up Disney Princess gown I got at the consignment store ($10 score!) and strawberry shortcake doll.

Xander got some new hot wheel cars that he was thrilled with! Also a sandwich cutter set to make them into cars, planes and trains, too cute!

After a quick lunch we headed out in the light rain to the park for the town's egg hunt and meeting the Easter Bunny. Ken found out the guy in the bunny suit was a pastor from a local church, so that was funny. He was very kind with the kids and a photographer from the paper happened to get a cute shot of them, so they might be in the paper, we will see. But this is the shot he pretty much got as he was right beside me at the time. Too cute!!!

Came home and got a call from Brenda if we wanted to join them for dinner and an egg hunt, well with nothing exciting planned with family we jumped at it and headed over. The kids had a hoot hunting eggs and got giant kinder eggs! Lucky ducks!!!

Xander was more interested with the soccer ball and was a muddy mess at the door when ready to come in. Haha.

While others watched the hockey game we chatted and then had a lovely lamb dinner. Woot! I found out about a local church's VBS program that Ariel would be old enough to attend this summer so I will be looking into that for her. Also hoping to find out if she can go to dance camp, its for 5 year olds and she turns 5 within a few weeks of the camp so fingers crossed!

Well I have a pile of stuff to do so Jay over and out!

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kelly ens said...

love the kids' Easter picture! :) also love that CPC is back to the flowered cross. we did something similar at our church this year - they placed flowers on the cross and invited people to take a flower as they left! Very cool.

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