Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Post!

Its midweek, er less than that I guess since its a short week. I keep having to remind myself its Easter this weekend. Being burried in work does make the days fly by. This week I have a light load, 30 hockey puck mini cakes, so I am enjoying a tad bit of down time before next week... the week of 5 orders! Gack, but more on that later, for now I am on a happy cloud of not thinking about it right now, except the huge supply list I wrote out today in preparation, haha.

Today I walked Ariel to school and got her pictures paid for. They are very cute, kinda silly pose but oh well, its better than nothing right? I am curious what book she has open, haha. Her whole class photo is really nice too, almost every kid is happy which is an accomplishment to the photographer! Not an easy task.

I had hoped to get my groceries and banking done but soon realized my wallet was in the diaper bag at home so we came home and I baked and then left to pick Ariel up an hour early so I could get my chores done. Ariel had some fun surprises to share when I got her. They had decorated eggs and made little bunny holders to keep them safe. They also made rice krispie treat nests with candy eggs in them. So sweet.... and yummy too!

We came home and quickly changed the kids into their easter outfits to get a quick picture for a card. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh? Thankfully we got an ok shot, especially with Xander pretty much ready for a nap at that point. Gack! I bribed him with marshmallows, haha. Come back on Sunday to see the final shot.

Yesterday Ariel started her gymnastics class at the new facility that just opened in town. Its gorgeous and HUGE! Ariel was so giddy waiting till it was time to go it nearly drove me nuts. She had a fantastic time and it was a nice long class. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately because my dear son was having a huge meltdown that he didn't get to go too. I guess I will need to look into the mommy and me class. Ariel came out wearing a special t-shirt they got the kids to commemorate the opening of the new building, so that was cool. She was all smiles and talked all afternoon about her class. Will take some pictures next week to share... if Xander is happier that is, ha!

Ballet is also the same day as gymnastics in the morning and they are doing a dance this time to a song called 'Here comes trouble'... such a good pick eh? You would think double activities would maybe tire her out a bit... not so much. Mommy however was eager for bedtime, hee.

Tonight I am in mid-paska production. I have the dough rising at the moment, better late than never and it will be ready for our family brunch on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Yum!

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