Monday, April 18, 2011

Swallowed by Work!

Tonight I finished a HUGE project... we are just waiting to upload it to the printers. Oh gosh I am glad this is done, its been time consuming and detail orientated. I got had to be the point person dealing with all the businesses that had offers in this book when it came to editing their pages. It was an 'interesting' process to say the least. Some were so picky about the strangest things, others very laid back. Either way, I am eager for a break from this before we start the next one, especially with so much I have coming up... can we say 5 orders for cake stuff next week! Wow!!!

During the craziness of finishing this book, I had 2 pretty major cake orders, one which included 70 cookies! First off was a monkey baby shower cake based on the 'Paul Frank monkey'.

Then one I loved doing, WALL-E! If you remember I had a wall-e cake for my 30th birthday, but honestly it was pretty lame, lets just say the grocery store we got it from was really sloppy and its was not that 'pretty'. So this was in a way made up for it, even though it wasn't for me, it was for a gal I went to high school with and that just makes me smile that another grown up is into cartoons. Yay!

Mid-week I got to play 'adopted-Aunt' for a morning at Brenda kid's school for grandparent day. Their grandparents are not able to attend at the yearly event and they asked if I would come and be their special friend! Well, how could I not!!! It was so much fun and the kids showed me all their projects and classrooms. So much fun and I was honored they asked me. Awww.

Ken has been a huge help this past week with the kids with my many projects on the go. He has been enjoying his free evenings again and has been catching up on movies. He made sure to get ones I didn't want to watch haha, makes it easier to stay on task if its something gross I don't want to watch. We did watch 'Girl with the pearl earring' on the weekend though, which was good.

Last Sunday we had our AGM and Ken was affirmed as an elder! Its a huge commitment for our family, but we feel strongly its important and we are all on board with it. He is off at his first board meeting and of course the kids miss him, but Ariel was pretty pre-occupied with excitement as her gymnastics start tomorrow. Haha. She is bouncing around saying I have ballet in the morning and gymnastics in the afternoon! Not to mention she has a fitting with Stella for her flower girl dress. Time to measure her in preparation for sewing it, only 3 months left till the wedding! Wow!!!

Saturday morning we had our family pictures done with Maria for her annual Mother's Day event. It went pretty well, Xander decided to pop out 2 teeth the night before and had little sleep making him somewhat of a grump. He wasn't interested in having his picture with Ariel, lol. He kept pushing her. Its amazing we got a family shot! Haha. Oh well.

Another big event was the opening registration for Imagine That! We are moving right along and had a nice strong opening. Looking forward to the summer... really not that far away. If you are interested in the camp, there are still spots available!

Well I hope to make some paska this week... hmm paska! I can't believe its Easter this weekend! We have Ken's co-worker and his wife coming and joining us at church and lunch. They are an Indian couple so this is new experience for them, so that will be fun. Trying to decide what to make for lunch... hmm.

I'll leave you with Xander excited about his popcorn... yeah, he is awesome! Oh we get Ariel's school pictures this week, they are cute, will share on Wednesday! Maybe I'll have our family picture proofs to share then too. Sorry this blog was kinda boring... I promise Easter fun next time! Yay!

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