Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sniffle Snort

I am sitting here, somewhat resting, but at home none the less. I was to be out tonight at the concert happening that is donating proceeds to our Imagine That Summer Arts camp but on Friday night I came down with a cold and wanted to lie low so I could get rid of it. Thankfully my throat is much better after one rough night, so maybe its allergies? Either way, I was miserable and cranky, haha.

The past week has been a blur for me. So much going on and yet so much more coming. Gack! When we last left off we were on a sad note of remembering my Mom. So I will keep things upbeat this time. On the Saturday night Dad and Rita treated us to a fantastic buffet dinner and Opera night at the Pan Pacific. Dad really wanted Ariel to come along too because he knew she would love the music... and the food. So we got all dressed up and headed out, leaving Xander with Stella for the evening.

Oh my goodness, it was as wonderful as I remember... I had come once before YEARS ago with friends for a Christmas buffet. Ariel kept exclaiming, 'I get to eat 5 times!' to everyone who was in ear shot. Her favorite was the pasta station, creating an interesting combo of chicken and ham with artichokes.... and yes she did eat most of it.

The desserts were to die for, although poor Ariel somehow got one laced with alcohol. Oops! She made a face and went on eating everything else. She LOVED the opera singers, believing the lady in the poofy dress was a princess.

At times we caught Ariel 'singing' along. When Rita left with Ariel after our meal she curtsied when thanking them, much to the singers amusement. We left with 'fat tummies' and a special memory, thanks again Dad and Rita.

Monday came and Ariel was back at school after spring break. It was nice to see everyone again and princess was glad to back! During school I took Xander to our swim class and had the fun surprise of finding out cousin Henry is in our group too. Will be nice to see him and Jo regularly, yay.

I spent the rest of the day finishing up the Imagine That brochure and posters as they had to be in for printing. A tad stressful trying to make sure it was all together, but Brenda and I got it all done and in, woot! I also got our Easter stuff up, much to the kid's delight. Our favorite stick is back as the tree, haha. Tried a new look this year, and I love it. Less is more these days.

Tuesday ballet started up for our last set before summer, hard to believe! Ariel was VERY excited for this class to be going again, she missed dance a lot! Later that day I got a call with some good news. We are getting a gymnastics building by our local pool that will be opening later this month. I had picked up a brochure and saw a great class that was a combo of gymnastics and dance. When I went to register Ariel, since it would be a great filler for dance when it ends, but it was wait-listed. So I took a chance and added our name and suprise, we got in! Yay! Ariel's face when I told her was so priceless, her jaw dropped... I get to go to gymnastics? Its not just a birthday party? Haha, too funny!

Wednesday is when things got crazy. I have been working on this tourism book and we are in crunch time. Lots of emails, changes, and work. I love it but its tricky with the kids. Thankfully they were so accommodating to wacky mommy's workload. However when Mommy is busy things do happen that I don't notice. Needless to say one of our wii remotes is toast, thankfully under warranty so off to the repair shop it goes. It was possessed and started shaking on its own... creepy! Not sure which one did it, I think they both kids had a role...and I think water might have played a part too. Speaking of trouble, Xander's new 'thing' is taking off his pants and eating on the coffee table... yep, he is crazy!

That night I got my hair done, back to my dark locks. Love it and I think I will be keeping this for a long time, woot!

Thursday we had our friend's boyfriend Jug come by with daughter Kaelyn for a playdate. Jug was needing to borrow our computer with my design software to finish a project to help with his portfolio so we were happy to help. In return he took us for lunch, yum! The kids had fun playing... eventually. Ariel was a crank that morning and after a few timeouts we got a pleasant girl. The big Ariel line of the day was following Xander doing something naughty. She turned to me and said, 'look what your son did!' Classic!

Friday was more school, more work and lots of sun! I got a visit with Stella which was nice since I hadn't seen her in felt like ages. I also spent time sketching out a picture for a commission I got. A friend from high school emailed me saying his mom had passed away from cancer and he wanted a painting of her and the family dog. I am nearly done painting it... maybe a few more touch ups and its good to go. I was honored he asked me, but its still heartbreaking knowing I have another friend who has lost a mom too. Sucks!

That leads us to now, and a day of sniffles and editing. Tomorrow is our church AGM and Ken should be (if all goes as planned) affirmed as Elder of evangelism in our congregation. Will keep you posted how it goes, but I am so proud of him! Speaking of Ken, he got to speak at ACTS Seminary at their chapel service and is now being approached about developing a course possibly for next year on faith and film. He was so excited so I hope it comes together.

Ok... time to pack it in for the night... zzzzz.

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