Monday, February 27, 2006

Can't wait till 2010!

Wow, did Canada do well at the Olympics or what! 24 Medals!!! I think the greatest moment was watching the flag being given to the mayor of Vancouver. The whole family was watching that moment and I don't think any of us will forget it anytime soon. Very emotional, especially when you know the story of how he came to be in a wheel chair.

The closing ceremonies were pretty good, many things to poke fun at, including our Canadian presention. Heheh. We like to continue the stereotypes. Can you imagine the world's reaction when they come in 2010, where are the igloos?

In other news, this weekend some of the family were in town. It was nice to visit as it has been several months since they were here. Aunt Penny kept teasing that my pregnancy has been so bad because I was a rotten kid. LOL. Thanks! Thats family love, feel the warm fuzzies! We had another birthday for Mike. He liked the card we made him, no one else got it. Gotta love inside jokes. "I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!"

Ken and I also got to see Mike's new place. Its very cute, and not bad for Richmond. Hehe. Sorry, Ladner girl here. Right now you can tell its a guy living there, but am looking forward to the touches by Jo once she moves in after the wedding in August. Yay.

Today is a pretty mellow day, have a meeting at noon, we get to test desserts for the ladies tea, oh such hard work I know! Not sure when Ken is coming home, he has been doing so many late nights its crazy. Poor thing.

In sad news, our favorite fish and chip place closed this past sunday. WAHHHHHH! The couple retired and that is the end of Uncle Herberts. Sigh.... we are gonna need to go to Steveston for our fish now. Blah.


meeka said...

steveston fish and chips kicks ass....thats where i used to go..

ps....think in may will be in vancouver

Jay said...

Yes, they do kick ass!

YAY, I wanna see Meeka in MAY!!!!

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