Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mid-week review

Booooooooo, head aches! Not sure why I have been waking up with them, not cool. Then I got hiccups, ick. Both are signs of being sick, nooooooooooo. Must fight it.

Last night was Bible study at Walt and Wendy's. It was nice to see everyone, missed a few do to my constant sickness, so it was good just to be there. Abby, their youngest was flying like a kite. We have her in our sunday school class and I don't think I have ever seen her like this. Hehe. She was pointing to my belly telling everyone one there was a baby inside. Too cute.

Came home and watched the episode of Amercian Idol we missed while out. The first gal came out and sang the Heart song "Never." This caused a huge debate why we didn't have Heart's greatest hits cd in our collection. This happened last year too when Carrie Underwood sang "Alone." Gosh, I love them!!! Ken's into the 70's stuff they did while 80's was more me, so its a good group for us. LOL

"We can’t go on... Just running away... If we stay any longer... We will surely never get away..."


Oscar Party is happening again! Woot. Might not vote this year since Ken and I took first and second last year. Some people were hitting us for information at church on sunday, that was pretty funny. This year I am looking forward to the dinner, as steak is one of baby's favs right now.

Been cross stitching a lot the past few days. I started the one for the baby's room. Hee. I sure missed stitching. I haven't been able to for at least 4 months. Ugh. Its moving along very well too.

I guess I should get my day started.

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