Saturday, February 11, 2006

No, its not an alien Charlie Brown!

This week I experienced some strange activity in my belly region. Strange little flutters that I was pretty sure was hunger or gas related. After checking my book, turns out that the little person who is camped out in my uterus has started moving. Crazy!!!

Its happening a lot more which makes me assume I will have a pretty active kid on my hands come August. Hehe. Its kinda funny to be sitting on the couch relaxing and then go to walk up the stairs and bang, someone is awake. When I met Nana and Papa for dinner last night, baby was awake, must have sensed great-grandparents.

Around 830, the baby was going nuts. Ken rubbed my belly for a bit and that seemed to settle the little hyper one down. I told Ken it knows daddy. That got a big smile, hee. He then proceeded to talk to it for awhile as we watched the olmypics opening ceremony. Its hard to believe when the 2010 games happen here that this bump will be a toddler. Whoa.

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