Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whap, whap, whap

Thats what we finally heard today at the doctors office. At 16 weeks baby was finally letting us get a listen. The funny thing was it did exactly what we assume it did last time, when we were unable to hear it. We found it right away but as quick as we did it moved as if saying, "quit poking me." Sounds like my kid.

It was very exciting and it finally hit me in the car when I finally started crying. I wanted to hear it so badly to know everything was ok, and finally got my wish. Ken seemed pretty proud and glowed.

We also got our ultrasound booked for March 8th. Woot. Visual image of baby!!!!!!!!!!! Ken was scheduled to be away in March the following week so it was good news to hear he can be here for the big day.

Other news, still on the pills. Doctor thinks I will need them for the whole pregnancy. Blah. Also went to the maternity clothing store and spent Ken's money. Hehe. Got some great things so I am very happy and will look very cute!

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