Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ultrasound countdown.... 8 days!!! I really want to see my baby. Its hard to believe how fast the time goes by. I have been checking out websites that show ultrasound pics so you can get use to seeing how they look and what is what.

Other news, Lent begins tomorrow. I will be taking a year of fallow, as suggested by Corene. We all need time to regrow, and with this pregnancy I couldnt agree more. A little slugglish today. Blah.

So I have offically joined the Worship Committee. I really am excited to be part of this group. So besides teaching Sunday School and helping on the Ladies Committee, I should be pretty busy. This Easter the theme is going to revolve around Narnia!!! Oh, I am soooooooooooo excited!!!! Will post events as they occur.

Made the first trip to the post office yesterday. Ugh, I really am frusterated that this is going to be a daily event until our mail boxes are replaced. I don't mind the walk but there are so many that won't be home by the post office hours so how do they get their mail? We would have been some of those people if I wasn't at home now. Sigh. Speaking of which, I better go get our mail.

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