Monday, February 20, 2006

Out on the town

Last night we had 2 parties to attend, thats right 2. For a quiet month of February, what are the chances of 2 parties being planned for the same night?

So at 4pm we arrived at the Funk's place and had a fun hour and half of chatting and snacking. It was the celebration for the capital campaign for the new ministry centre at the church. It was nice to hang with the families of our church. We felt bad we had to bail out so early but we had made plans before this event was booked. Feels nice to be popular. Hehe.

We then headed to Jo's parent's house. They were celebrating my brother's 25th birthday. Next weekend our family will have another dinner for him on his real b-day. SPOILED!!! heheh.
I had the chance when dress shopping to meet some of the other family members but it was a first for Ken and the rest of the gang. We had a great time chatting up hollywood with Julie. The kids were doing drawing competions and Mrs. Hacker made a lovely meal. Yum.

Mike got himself a new ipod from Jo, apprently he knew already, BOOO. She took his old one, nice move. Dad gave him some tools, Mikey and home repair, I'd watch that show. He also got a nice cooking pan of sorts. I guess he liked the one Jo's mom uses. We are planning on giving our gift next weekend, has to have something then.

Today has been pretty slow. I am a little groggy today. Been watching the olympic coverage, go Canada! Planning to sew a bit later today, make a nice dinner for Kenny and try and finish cleaning the house. I got alot done last week, no more piles around the house. YAY.

Other news, found a place that we could pay to get a 3D ultrasound done. Very cool! It would be a wonderful keepsake. Plus we get a DVD copy and it be great to send that to the family in Michigan.

Ok, back to the olympics!

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