Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nice Quiet Evening

After the terrible Monday sickness, we decided that we would hold off on the uber cool dinner I was going to make my sweetie. I was feeling better yesterday but not strong enough to stand in a hot kitchen for that long. So, we decided on a heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza. Huzzah, cute, tasty and romantic.

Ken called at 5pm when we was leaving the school and said he be home with dinner as soon as possible. At 645pm there was a knock at the door and this is what awaited me....

A beautiful arrangement of roses, a heart shaped pizza, a starter of mushroom caps (my fav) and a big piece of chocolate mousse cake. Ohhhh, man! For a gal who had eatten nothing but toast and fruit most of the day, it was like some commercial on tv that would spur cravings for hours. I of course couldn't eat as much as I would have liked to, with the tummy still sensitive, but I got a good taste of everything and it was enough to make me happy and full.

We watched american idol and then headed to bed as I was fading fast. Watched the best romantic 80's movie, "Say Anything", yet I was asleep before even half the movie was done. Overall, it was a wonderful valentines day, and we enjoyed each other's company. After many nights of Ken hard at work on his book, I almost forgot what he looked like. Hehe. But in general, his card said it all. He wrote, 'this is our last valentines alone... better make it count'.

I love you Ken, thank you for all you do for me and the coming baby. You are a blessing.

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