Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Project 365 - Day 26

Remember the days when the hardest choices were what type of cookie you wanted? Ah, sometimes I wish life was still like that... and if it was I would say... pass me that chocolate chip one Ariel, hee.


So I wanted to blog yesterday, however I spent most of my afternoon trying to help Ariel find her Tinkerbell bottle she uses for her water. Its one of those nice stainless steel ones, and she bought it back in the fall with some her birthday money from Grandpa Priebe. Its been her favorite cup ever since... so chaos followed when we couldn't find it ANYWHERE!

I tore the house apart looking in the usual hiding spots, and was scratching my head with confusion with what she did with it. She kept saying 'I think I hid it'. Oh great, good to know! So I didn't get a rest, and we finally gave up with no luck. I was tired since I didn't sleep well the night before (stomach ache) and was now overtired and cranky.

This little face makes it hard to be cranky... but I am only human.

Since I was cranky and needed some space, I went to the store for a few things by myself. Ahhh, peace and quiet... until I get to the till and realize my wallet isn't in my purse. Oh good grief! So I drive home and Ken tosses it down to me. So back to the store to pay for the things I had to leave at the till. Blah.

I got home and Ken had gotten princess into bed, thanks babe! I hit the couch with Xander to feed him and then he was in bed sleeping too. I spent the rest of the evening cross stitching and watching the Bachelor! Oh yes, I watched and yelled things about the crazy chick at the tv... guess what, it felt awesome! It was around 9pm that my head started thinking again and I ran upstairs to our room. I flung open the drawers to my dresser and what did I find... the missing BOTTLE! Best part, in my undies drawer! Seriously... I don't know why or how it ended up there, but I just remember her helping put stuff away on Sunday (when I think it went missing). So thankfully its found, yay.

Showing off her new dress for spring. She requested a blue one, its her favorite color at the moment.

So last week was the regular routine - school, ballet and swimming. Ariel recovered from her cough quickly only to be followed by a drippy nose. Yuck. Most of our excitement was on the weekend. Ken was at work on Saturday as they were doing an open house. Since it was an all day thing, I packed up the kids and went off to Richmond. I wanted to get some stuff at the craft store, and then since the troops were being totally awesome, we went to the mall for lunch and a chance for me to pick up a few things.

Things are really gearing up for the Olympics, all the signs and such have been going up pointing to venues. Won't be long now... did I say the torch would be coming through our town? On February 9th it makes its way through, so the kids and I will be going out to watch. Yay!

Then on Sunday we had Mike and Jo over to join us for dinner. It was nice to pull out our nice dishes and make things pretty on the table.

Monday we were back at the routine and at school Ariel received her first 'school' birthday party invitation from her classmate. Very exciting indeed. She also was learning about beavers and made a dam, cute eh?

Now we are here on Xander's 5 month birthday! My little man is growing much too fast for my liking, but not much I can do. His little cheeks have been so red lately, I think we might be teething!

He has been showing signs of wanting to crawl too... eek! I had to look back when Ariel started crawling and it was about 2 weeks after turning 5 months, so we will see.

Xander continues to enjoy his cereal, and in fact helps the spoon into his mouth. He is nearly sitting up... but his rolls around his belly make it difficult still. Next month he will be half a year old. Wah... sniff.

Today was ballet for Ariel and I finally got to chat with some of the other moms... including one that is living in my old house! Yes, I found out at the recital from Dad that one of Ariel's ballet friends is the daughter of the family that bought our old house. When I told her (I was married and moved out when they bought it) who I was it was pretty funny to watch her reaction. I told her about my family history, the people on the street who where still there. She now wants to have us over to see the place now. Some might find it hard, but I think for me it would be cool to see. I want to pull out some old pictures to show her sometime. Either way, I have been trying to connect more with people around me in my daughter's activities. Sometimes hard since I can be a tad shy, but with Ariel wanting to perhaps have friends over to play, I felt I should let them get to know me.

The afternoon has been tiring, I made 2 batches of bagels and blueberry muffins for my hardworking man. I think he will be pleased. Also whipped up a dinner of chicken stuffed with apples and almonds, yum. So I better get things out of the oven now. Have a good night and I promise to blog more... lots coming up to share about in the next little bit. Whee.


Kristen said...

Can I some to your house to eat? ;) Wow Xander is doing things fast! What a big boy. I don't think Ella crawled until 7 months lol! Loved the updates :)

Anonymous said...

There are days when I too wish that life's biggest complication was choosing which cookie I wanted! I think it's cool that you will get a chance to see the house you grew up in! I would totally enjoy checking out where I used to live :-)
Thanks again for all the daily pictures - they are so beautiful and I look forward to them every day!

Amy said...

I {heart} when husband put kids to bed while we run out for quiet time!! Love the cookie picture!!

Dianne said...

lol... I like yelling at the Bachelor and his little harem too. Although, I seem to alternate between yelling and giggling. The cattiness cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

your son has AWESOME hair!!!


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