Thursday, January 07, 2010

For The Love of Food

Project 365 - Day 7

While at the movie theater a few months ago I found one of those toy machines that dispensed Winnie the Pooh trinkets to hang on your cel phone. They had Winnie the Pooh in animal costumes, sport outfits and even horoscopes. However, I also discovered one set that I couldn't pass up... in fact after showing Ken my treasure he then surprised me by getting me 2 more in my stocking, haha. I introduce my wacky love of Pooh in FOOD! Haha... yep, I am crazy.


Today was our first day with NOTHING major scheduled on the calendar! So we made a date with Stella to go to the cafe where Sherrie had been complaining that she hadn't seen the kids in ages. Ariel had her traditional slice of quiche while Xander watched her intensely the entire time. Perhaps another lover of quiche? Time will tell. Either way, it was nice to catch up with Lala.

While out we picked up our parcel at the post office and it was our Christmas treats. We got some money from Ken's Dad and we put most away to save for our trip this summer, but we both bought a book we were wanting. Ken got a making of Mr Fox book, which also is a resource for him and his various projects. I got the Pioneer Woman Cooks, which is by the gal who runs the blog of the same name. So far just flipping through the pages I am sooooooooooo excited to try everything in it. Whee.

Speaking of trying new things, I said I would try a new recipe each week as part of my 365, but it might not always be the day's picture. Here is the meatball sub we had for dinner. Recipe is in the Biggest Loser's Family cookbook. The family gave this 2 thumbs up, and Ariel is now asking when we can have it again.

Yesterday like mentioned in the picture, Xander had his 4 month visit to the doctor's. He had a dip in his curve as his weight only went up a pound since last time. Most likely due to his illness over Christmas. She wasn't concerned since everything else seemed fine, but I can bring him back sooner if I want to check him. The only thing she was looking into was a little bump I found under his tongue. Its like the size of a pin head, and is apparently a blocked salivary duct. Why it happened we aren't sure, and if we need to do anything about it is what we are waiting on. There isn't swelling, and no redness, so she wasn't worried but was still going to get back to me after doing some research. All in all, my little guy is just a sweetie and doing well.

While we were at the doctor's, Ariel was having pajama day at school... after a long battle that it was ok to wear them to school. She just thought I was crazy making her wear them, and then refused to have cereal that morning for breakfast. I don't blame her, I am sure its pretty confusing at her age. The kids had cereal in class for snack, so Ariel had her normal snack for breakfast. Just gotta go with the flow.

On Tuesday night, we had a visit from Maureen, Darrel and their kids Andrea and Tim. Ariel had a fun time playing with the kids...

...and loved her gift of Smurf figurines. Yes, smurfs are back! Huzzah for the 80's. Xander too got a smurf stuffie and made fast work chewing on him!

It was nice for them to meet little Xander as well since they know him only from the blog.

Its hard to believe Andrea was one of our little flower girls at our wedding almost 9 year ago. I think she is taller than me now, eek!

Well, Xander is now asleep, Ariel is having a quiet time and I think I am going to make a cup of tea and enjoy reading my new cookbook. Gotta rest up for swimming tomorrow, yay! I'll leave you with the 2 cuties of the house... byeeeee.


kelly ens said...

so when i read this, i remembered (though there is no connection with what you wrote about) about a dream i had last night. for some reason, we (both our families) were sleeping in this room and your kids were sleeping on bricks with just one little blanket (i think ours were too, but for some reason, the dream was all about your kids). you and ken were both gone out doing things, so I was watching the kids...Xander was all OVER the place, totally not sleeping. when i did pick him up, turns out he had managed to undo his army pants, remove his diaper and pee all over the place! HAHAHA. and then you came back in to clean up.

random, hey? :)

Jay said...

wow, that is crazy! Its all that extra exercise, haha, its causing wacky dreams.

Amanda said...

So is it bad that I was thinking about how yummy those Winnie the Pooh things looked until I realized they were fake?

Kristi said...

I bet that cookbook is great!

Kristin said...

Marin enjoyed you 365 pic today. :) He he!

Kristen said...

Love all the pics! 365, kids and the yummy food!! You take awesome pics. The pics of the kids would be awesome no matter who took them though ;)

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