Monday, January 11, 2010

Puddle Jumper

Project 365 - Day 11

Well, it dumped rain today... all day! In fact, this is just the beginning and we are in for a long week of rain. On the positive side, its a fun activity for the princess. She was wearing off some steam running back and forth in the puddles while Mommy snapped pictures and managed to catch this moment when the kitty boot hit the water.


Its been a nice relaxing weekend for the most part. Ken has been busy working on his book, so I have been trying to keep the kids somewhat out of his way so he could meet his upcoming deadline for the first few chapters.

On Friday morning Ariel was up with me but Xander was still asleep. As we did some jobs around the house I suddenly realized my helper had disappeared... and this is where I found her. That girl always wants to get her brother to wake up, and now was giving him a puppet show. I am not sure what Xander thought by the look on his face here, haha.

Help me Mommy!

Teaching the fine art of kicking...

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I finally got Xander's photo blog up. The link is on the side under family blogs. Its a picture of him everyday, a way for me to see him change and grow. I did one for Ariel and then it kinda kept up for the following year on a monthly basis. Either way, I am glad I did it for the first year, and that is my goal with Xander. I can't believe how much he has changed already. Check it out if you wanna see too.

Friday morning was also our first swimming morning, both kids were registered for classes. Ariel was taking her first 'alone' class and was very excited. This was also my first time going to the pool with 2 kids, ooh boy, that is a change, haha. I got us all changed only for the locker to eat my token! ARGH! I threw on a coat and took my swimsuit troops out to the front lobby, thank heavens before I got far a nice lady who was cleaning the change rooms got me a new token. She followed me to see the bad locker and good thing she did because after I moved all our junk into a new locker the same thing happened again!! ARGH ARGH! So third time is a charm and we got our things locked up and we were out to the pool. I got Ariel to her teacher and she happily went off, yay.

Xander and I joined the baby class where it was a mix of ages. My little guy was the youngest but beat everyone still in the hair department, hee. He seemed to enjoy the class and didn't cry at all. He seemed a little overwhelmed with being at the pool with all the people and water. He also because of a 'sister wake up call' was more tired than he should have been, so he was due for a nap again.

With class over, I got the kids out of the pool and changed for lunch at Stella's. Xander pretty much crashed shortly after arriving. We had yummy soup and buns and had a nice visit. Ariel got to help Lala with making lasagna which was a big treat. Mommy's little kitchen helper is always keen. Xander woke up and got a little visit with Aunty Kara who came to join us.

Saturday morning I took Xander with me out to Richmond to do some errands and left Ariel with Ken since she is easier to entertain with a movie while he did his interview. It was nice to get out and my little guy slept most of the time so it was relaxing even though I was busy doing stuff. I got a birthday present for Ariel's friend Asher, went to Costco, walked through the mall looking at things I don't usually get to look at and even picked out some cards for Valentines day. I even got a special treat, the dvd set of Glee!!! Eek!!! Its to help get through the next few months until new episodes... April seems so far away.

When I got home I made up some homemade fried chicken and veggies for the family. So good! A nice treat indeed. Speaking of food, I decided to let Xander have some cereal. I let Ariel have some at 4 months and I figured if it was just a bit at dinner time it wouldn't hurt him. Frankly it wasn't a surprise he wolfed it down, he is related to Ariel. Haha... the shirt fits this personality trait.

At first he wasn't sure what to think...

...but the moment he figured out how things worked he was opening his mouth for more. I guess I better start cooking my baby food to freeze, I have a feeling he is going to be an eating machine like Ariel.

Speaking of Ariel, she threw a HUGE tantrum last night. She doesn't usually get so angry, but she was mad that Daddy put his foot down and frankly I just thought it was too funny. Is that bad? Wanna know what is worse... I filmed it! Seriously!!! Ken thinks its wrong, but I know moms that have done this before. Its her dramatic edge that gets me... and that its really an act since at the end it just suddenly stops when she spots the camera. Do you want to see it? Let me know! Just a point of interest, its Ariel's new favorite video to watch now - what a nut!

But I did want to leave you with a little video, no yelling but some singing and dancing since we haven't had one up here in awhile. She is a turkey in very sense of the word. Gotta love her.

Tomorrow is ballet and I MIGHT take the kids to the movies... that is yet to be decided. Its cheap Tuesday and Ariel wants to see that Chipmunk movie... we shall see.


kelly ens said...

YES to the tantrum video!!!! :)

Kristin said...

Love the Project pic, kids in rubber boots, in puddles always make for fun pics.

4 months and onto "real" food already, I can't believe he is that old already! I was thinking the other day about how Jeriah would be at that stage before I know it too!
Glad he enjoyed it. Yum yum. :)

Aimee said...

I say yes to the tantrum video too! :) They are so irrational sometimes in their fits. You dont know how much better it makes me feel that Ariel does those too. Kailey has thrown some real doozies. I never thought to tape them though.... hmmm :)

Kim said...

I have to agree - I want to see the tantrum video too!

Love the daily pictures, by the way . . . I look forward to seeing them every day!

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