Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Just Dance

Project 365 - Day 5

After what felt like forever (at least in the eyes of a preschooler) Ariel got to go back to ballet this morning. She was practically dressed and ready to go hours before it was time to leave. Mommy's tiny dancer, love you sweetie!


So at the moment I am trying to nurse Xander and blog, a new technique that I won't be trying again, but I am running out of time in my day and I really wanted to post. I need extra dinner prep time tonight because I am trying something new from my Biggest Loser Families cookbook in honor of the show starting again tonight. Meatball subs with some veggies on the side. I must say I am enjoying the family version of this cookbook because they have several items you can make ahead of time to freeze and use it with various recipes. I made the sauce on the weekend and froze a few, so today I will make up lots of meatballs. I have a feeling the troops will enjoy it and who knew it be healthy to boot!

This morning while Ariel was at ballet I went down to the docks to take some pictures and I lucked out as the heron was there...

... and then some swans came floating down. There have been a few hanging around in the fields lately, and every time I see them I don't have my telephoto lens with me.

So when I went to pick up the princess, only 3 kids showed up for class. Apparently they didn't read the online newsletter that class was starting, oops. We walked with one of the other moms down to the bakery to get a cookie treat for our girls. She also has a little boy a few months older than Xander AND she is a gymboree nut like me! Hahaha, so we talked about the new lines and gymbucks coming up.

When we got home we had a mail box bursting with goodies, including our new dvd copy of Arthur's Christmas! I do not know what happened to our vhs copy but its lost or we loaned it out to someone... either way it was not Christmas in our house without it. Its by far one of my favs, basically cause they equally cover all the bases with the different faiths. Its really cute and its out of print now, and strangely it wasn't on tv this year, or maybe I missed it. Soooo, I found a copy on ebay, brand new for $7, so I am happy and so is Ariel who is reliving Christmas as she watches it right now. Haha.

Christmas as you saw in the picture yesterday got backed up. It was a huge job that didn't finish until late last night. I had to take a brief break for dinner, but once Ariel was in bed I got back at it. All that remains is the garland on the stairs, but my hands are still sore from crushing 5 fake trees down to fit in our little Christmas closet. Our living room seems so much bigger now... but I still miss the tree. Ariel was pretty sad too, she keeps asking when it will be back. Its gonna be a long year, haha.

Just in case we forget his name, hee.

Xander has his 4 month visit to the doctor tomorrow, trying to get back on track again. I think he grew more length wise, but I don't think his weight has changed much. We shall see! Ariel has pajama day at school tomorrow while we are off at the doctor's. She still is really whacked out with the fact she has to wear pjs to school. I keep asking what pair she wants to wear, only to get back 'that is just silly mommy'. They get to take cereal for their snack as well, cool times!

Sunday night we had Aunty Deborah and Uncle Blair over for dinner. I made Nana's lasagna recipe and there wasn't much left over, haha. We had a nice visit and Ariel was totally loving the extra attention. She was in full performance mode until she went to bed. Xander was also an angel, smiling and cuddling. Sometimes these guys are just too cute for words... and then other times, well you know, haha.

This afternoon I managed to take both kids to Safeway for a grocery shop on customer appreciation day, woot. Both were well behaved and I was pretty pleased to get out of there quickly with my long list. We also managed to zip into London Drugs for a photo album to send some pictures to Grammy, huzzah.

Well I better start making meatballs... we have some friends coming over tonight, so much fun ahead tonight. Whee!


Amanda said...

Love the picture of Ariel getting ready for ballet! When did you enroll her? I want to start Arielle but not sure when.

Jay said...

Ariel started taking a class through the community center at 2, it was really basic and fun, with parents helping out. At 2.5 she started teeny tiny ballerinas and now at 3 she is doing 'kinderdance' through an actual dance studio. She just has been dancing since she could stand, so she really loves it. :)

kelly ens said...

i love the 365 pic...so fantastic.
i think i may have to buy that BL families cookbook with my winnings! we eat pretty healthy to begin with, but i've had to do a lot of portion control lately because a lot of recipes i have are on the richer side :)

bloggerme said...

Holy toledo your lake pictures are gorgeous!!! Susan GF

missmarble said...

Jay, I am loving the 365 blog! That pic of Ariel waiting is just great.

Rebecca R said...

You are the queen of all things crafty! and now you are the queen of photography! love the shot of Ariel.

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