Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Color are You?

Project 365 - Day 30

The age old question, what color are you? I think I am blue with a splash of gold. Interpretative that anyway you like. Anyone else care to play?


I am an animation widow tonight. Its been the Spark FX event all week, which means Ken has been busy most nights taking part and helping out. Ariel is missing him dearly, and of course the moment he is home for a short time starts acting out, of course its totally out of a change in her normal routine, so we will be glad when its over. She also sneaks into our bed early in the morning to get cuddles with Daddy. Aw! She loves him so much, as do Xander and I, but to Ariel he is the sun and the moon. This morning before Daddy left they got to play some games, she was pleased as punch!

Ariel has been a mermaid most of the week. I figured it might happen eventually with the name 'Ariel'. For the longest time she only referred to the movie Ariel as 'mermaid', simply because HER name was Ariel, and someone having the same name just seemed weird. Now she believes she is Ariel the mermaid... when she isn't a princess or a ballerina of course. However I knew we had to talk when I caught her brushing her hair with her fork at the dinner table... mid-meal! Yuck! Trust me that was a hair washing night. Haha.

This week I got the kids hazel wood necklaces after hearing how great they are for dealing with rashes and eczema. Xander is drooling like crazy and its causing some serious redness on his chest and cheeks to the point nothing helps. The necklace within 24 hours has cleared it almost entirely! I was amazed. I then got one for Ariel since she, like me, gets seasonal eczema from the cold weather. We have VERY sensitive skin. Her redness is starting to clear up too, so I am thrilled!

My main goal this week has been paperwork! I have researching like crazy about Ken's upcoming American taxes since I do them for him (not his strong suit). Anyhoo, after doing them last year I was cheesed that we couldn't have him claim Ariel and I, which resulted in us paying a bit. I contacted a tax specialist in the States (I won't say who since they sucked!) and asked my question. Needless to say they didn't help, oh you need Social Security Numbers to be added, but your Canadian so you can't - so poop on you (ok I added the last part). So I did what any smart girl does, contact her friend who was also crazy enough to marry an American and deal with the paperwork that goes with the love. Haha.

Julie is pretty much in the same boat and was able to point me in the right direction. HUGE thank you to her, and I am happy to say we 3 forms closer to the deductions Ken rightfully deserves getting for supporting us! Not to mention the refilling of past tax return to get that money back, woot!

Mommy and Daddy's newest little deduction! Haha!

One that that has to happen with this paperwork is sending in copies of our passports as id. Well, guess that meant it was time for Xander to get his first one. Then looking through ours I realized Ariel's is up for renewal in April since hers was only good for 3 years (got it when she was a baby). So off to the photographers we went for the pictures we needed. When we arrived at 1020am (opens at 10am) we found the lights off and no one inside. It was dumping rain, and so I waited with Xander while Ariel and Ken went to the bank to deposit a cheque. Thankfully the fellow showed up quickly after that, and was really sorry that he had us wait. Luckily we didn't go right at 10!

Xander went first while we waited for Ariel and Ken to get back. He was a piece of cake! I thought he be the hard one. I was wrong!

Ariel came back and was a little nervous.She didn't like the chair she had to sit in, and how high it was. Instead of tell us, she just scrunched her shoulders and looked like she was on the verge of tears. After 10 LONG minutes, we got this shot. The fellow said it should be fine, and he does this all the time so I am sure he is right... however I am wondering if they will take it if her teeth are showing? They are usually lenient on kids photos but I guess I will find out soon enough. If not, we are back for retakes - JOY! Cross your fingers that they are ok.

Tonight Ariel wanted to read to Xander, how cute is this!

Bible study time! Ariel loves Sunday School, so she loves playing teacher for Xander... until he rips the book away.

Ok, I am off to snuggle my boy until its time for him to go to bed... I am sure he won't be impressed with the idea since he isn't totally feeling 100% Last night he stayed in our bed since he was coughing and clingy. Hoping tonight he can sleep in his crib and I can get a better sleep. Did I mention waking up at 2am to the crashing down of our frog-pod in the bathroom! Scared the stuffing out of me, but of course no one else woke up. Thank goodness for infomercials... I want a Magic Bullet now.


Aimee said...

Have a magic bullet for you :)

kelly ens said...

LOVE the crayon picture. and the passport pics :)

Suzana said...

I know how eczema can be a real problem for kids, especially the itching. If you continue to struggle with it, try a product that works for me called Regen. All natural and does not sting kid's eyes. Here is a pic:

I also love the crayons, Suzana

Amy said...

Love that Ariel was using a for to brush her the table LOL!!!
Oh and BTW, I am defiantly a pink kinda girl! :)

Kristen said...

I am enjoying your pictures so much! I need to look into those necklaces! We just went to the doctor for Will's eczema. You are just full of useful tips :) Looking forward to seeing Xander's blanket!

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